TV Watch: Yellowstone

  What is known today as the Paramount Network has a long and winding history in cable television. Founded way back in 1983, it was known originally as "The Nashville Network", with programming geared around a country music theme through 2000. Over the next few years, the network changed names a number of times in … Continue reading TV Watch: Yellowstone


Are your kids – or even you – becoming a screen addict?

  Are you, or is someone you care about, an addict?   I'm not talking here about an addiction to some substance. Illicit drugs, prescription pain killers, alcohol.   I'm talking about something that many people in 21st century America, certainly among the younger generations, take part in as a daily activity - video gaming. … Continue reading Are your kids – or even you – becoming a screen addict?

Day baseball vital to game’s popularity

The picture to the left comes from the 1984 World Series between the Detroit Tigers and San Diego Padres. It shows Tigers shortstop Alan Trammell taking a lead, with Padres 1st baseman Steve Garvey holding him close.In Game #4 of that World Series, Trammell, a borderline Hall of Famer whose case will continue to correctly … Continue reading Day baseball vital to game’s popularity

Rabbit Ears Have Digital Life

The full digital television revolution officially began a week ago on Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 in places like Albuquerque, New Mexico and Biloxi, Mississippi and Charlotte, North Carolina and Eugene, Oregon and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.On that date in these and many other American cities, the transition began from analog to digital television. It begins a revolution … Continue reading Rabbit Ears Have Digital Life