TV Watch: "Shameless"

The problem with cable television series is that they tend to show a lot of sex, especially among non-married individuals, drug and alcohol abuse, crime commission, and the entire array of man's worst and basest actions. "Shameless"┬áhas all of that. The greatness of cable television series is that they don't hide from any of those … Continue reading TV Watch: "Shameless"

TV Watch: Sons of Anarchy

The best gang show on television this side of 'The Sopranos' has just concluded it's second full season, and fans of this emerging masterpiece will be happy to learn that 'Sons of Anarchy' has just been renewed for a full third season that will begin airing in September 2010. For the uninitiated, the show centers … Continue reading TV Watch: Sons of Anarchy

TV Watch: The Tudors

The folks at the Showtime cable network have proven that they are just as adept at creating entertaining, high-quality television programming as their HBO network rivals. Sunday evenings now belong to 'The Tudors', an excellent historical period piece that tells the story of King Henry VIII of England. Henry was the 2nd monarch of the … Continue reading TV Watch: The Tudors