Philography: Jim Bunning

Philography: Jim Bunning - The right-hander who pitched with the Phillies from 1964-67 and again to close out his big-league career in 1970-71 had his uniform #14 retired on April 6, 2001.


Omnibus spending bill proves ‘the Swamp’ cannot be drained

  President Donald Trump was elected to "drain the swamp" in Washington, D.C. by eliminating waste and turning away from politics as usual. But today, the president signed a massive $1.3 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill that not only failed to help drain the swamp, but pumped more muck into it instead. As reported by … Continue reading Omnibus spending bill proves ‘the Swamp’ cannot be drained

Republican citizen voices more important than ever

  Republicans and Democrats alike frequently criticize the general tone and specific messaging pushed by various major media outlets. For those Americans who consider themselves to be conservative, almost exclusively Republicans, the usual suspects include broadcasters such as CNN, MSNBC, and NPR and print/web sources such as The New York Times, Washington Post, and the … Continue reading Republican citizen voices more important than ever

Tax reform postcards from the edge

The Republican controlled United States Congress is attempting something significant that has not happened in more than three decades. Yet it is something that almost everyone in both parties believes to be grossly overdue. Updates to the United States tax code have not been accomplished since Ronald Reagan was President. That long ago legislation passed … Continue reading Tax reform postcards from the edge

Elections Have Consequences

For the past year it has become the public mantra of Democratic Party politicians: "Elections have consequences." Whether they were talking about bailing out large corporations or taking over the banking, auto, and health care industries, that simple phrase has been their fallback position.To some extent, that is true. When the nation elects a leader … Continue reading Elections Have Consequences