Syrian Cesspool

I put up this map of Syria as the primary graphic accompaniment to this story in order to show people just where the country is located in relation to the rest of the cesspool that is the Middle East.Syria lies just to the northeast of Israel, our lone reliable ally in the region, and the … Continue reading Syrian Cesspool

War is Not the Answer

One thing that should be fairly clear from Soviet involvement in Afghanistan in the 1980's, and American involvement in both Iraq and Afghanistan in the 2000's, is that waging war in the Middle East is not a winning long term strategy.In the short-term, deposing dangerous regimes and tyrannical rulers with military force is something that … Continue reading War is Not the Answer

Where Will You Be When the Missiles Drop?

During his State of the Union address back in January of 2002, President George W. Bush famously called the nations of Iran, Iraq, and North Korea an "Axis of Evil", criticizing nations that sponsored terrorism and were seeking weapons of mass destruction.Liberals everywhere, and especially their cheer leading media, called Bush a war monger and … Continue reading Where Will You Be When the Missiles Drop?

Islamism Series: Back to Afghanistan

For a land-locked nation that is basically a pile of rock and sand, Afghanistan holds some serious sway in the international community. The reasons are many, but they are sometimes difficult to grasp until you look more closely. Afghanistan is bordered on the west by an Islamic nuclear-power wannabe ruled by a mad President in … Continue reading Islamism Series: Back to Afghanistan

Real American Hero: Paul Smith

The Congressional 'Medal of Honor' is our nation's highest military award. There have been over 3,400 recipients in our history, but just over 840 since requirements were tightened in World War II. In order to be eligible a person must be nominated by his or her commanders. The nominee then must have their story wind … Continue reading Real American Hero: Paul Smith