Movie Review: Dan, in Real Life

  In my experience, cops are some of the strongest "family" folks around, and yet that can sometimes seem contradictory. The rate of divorce for police officers is as high as 60-75% according to some studies. One officer who has been married and divorced multiple times is even said to have amusingly stated: "If I ever … Continue reading Movie Review: Dan, in Real Life

Fox’s ‘Choice’

This past Saturday night, the Fox News Channel aired a compelling one-hour program titled "Facing Reality: Choice".  In the program, Fox followed a trio of women as they went through their own particular "choice" process after learning that they were pregnant. The women, their circumstances, their attitudes, and finally their choices could not have been … Continue reading Fox’s ‘Choice’

Truth, and the Truthful Truth-tellers Who Tell It

Former Saturday Night Live funnyman Al Franken has in recent years taken his comedic and writing talents to the task of pushing his typically Hollywood-styled ultra-liberal political agenda with his own radio program on the disastrously failed liberal Air America radio network.He has also penned his liberal thinking in a pair of poor-selling books: “Lies, … Continue reading Truth, and the Truthful Truth-tellers Who Tell It