Never the Answer

Last night at the Wells Fargo Center, the increasingly embarrassing Philadelphia 76ers put on a dog-and-pony show for their remaining fans to honor one of the most polarizing and controversial stars in franchise history.Allen Iverson, also known as "A.I." (emphasis on the "I"), was feted with the usual speeches from other players and club officials … Continue reading Never the Answer


Concern Over New Philly Newspaper Owners

At an auction conducted on Wednesday, the struggling and increasingly irrelevant Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News as well as their Internet arm "" were all purchased by a group of creditors.The new owners have quickly come under fire from the top politicians at both the Commonwealth and the City levels.Governor Ed Rendell, the former … Continue reading Concern Over New Philly Newspaper Owners

Nearly Everybody Reads the Bulletin

In the city of Philadelphia, the Bulletin is back, and just in time to save local newspaper readers from the quagmire of liberal junk for which we had no alternative for years. Actually, the Bulletin has been back since 2004. I had heard something about it, but didn't know the story and didn't pay much … Continue reading Nearly Everybody Reads the Bulletin

Pigs can’t fly

  Looking up at the spire of the big, white Philadelphia Inquirer building at 400 North Broad Street, one thing quickly becomes obvious. There are no flying pigs surrounding the place. Pigeons aplenty, but porcine purveyors of the airways? None to be found. The “flying pigs” campaign being put on by the local newspaper is … Continue reading Pigs can’t fly