The Philly Pledge

Phillies players and other Philly sports stars have joined in Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons' effort in taking The Philly Pledge to combat COVID-19.


Never the Answer

Last night at the Wells Fargo Center, the increasingly embarrassing Philadelphia 76ers put on a dog-and-pony show for their remaining fans to honor one of the most polarizing and controversial stars in franchise history.Allen Iverson, also known as "A.I." (emphasis on the "I"), was feted with the usual speeches from other players and club officials … Continue reading Never the Answer

The Philadelphia 76ers Are Losers

This afternoon the local NBA team, the Philadelphia 76ers, signalled to their fan base what most already knew, that it is a losing organization with no future whatsoever.They did so with the signing of former 76ers star Allen Iverson to a contract.This signing has to rank as one of the single most cynical moves ever … Continue reading The Philadelphia 76ers Are Losers