Christians Need to Love One Another

As a lifelong Catholic who loves the Church, defends her publicly, and tries my best to follow her teachings, I have observed a phenomenon over the years. It has become very obvious to me that some of my brothers and sisters in the Church have a serious moral superiority complex in regards to other Christian … Continue reading Christians Need to Love One Another

Indecent exposure

You are never going to hear me advocate forced censorship or book burning. I never have, never will.I leave true censorship to the ultra-liberals who want to support things like the deceptively named and unfair "Fairness Doctrine", a blatant attempt by liberal ideologues to shut down or drastically reduce conservative talk radio.True conservatives would never … Continue reading Indecent exposure

The philosophic problem of moral disagreement

There is little doubt that there is disagreement on many moral issues among individuals and groups of people. This includes nations and political parties within nations. In the book “Whatever Happened to Good and Evil”, Russ Shafer-Landau puts forth that despite these disagreements, there is subjective morality. In examining my own personal belief system, I … Continue reading The philosophic problem of moral disagreement

Johnny & Susie sittin’ in a tree?

  When I was a little kid in Catholic grade school if you “liked” another little kid of the opposite sex, meaning thought they were cute,there was a now-quaint little ditty that the other little kids chanted at the two of you: “Johnny and Susie, sittin’ in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love, second comes … Continue reading Johnny & Susie sittin’ in a tree?