Philadelphia Phillies March 2020 mailbag

Answering questions sent to the mailbag by our followers regarding the 2020 Philadelphia Phillies ball club in particular and Major League Baseball in general.

JaJa beats the Merion girls

  This 'equality' thing has simply gone too far. Let's face reality: men and women, boys and girls, are different than one another. Sure, we are all human beings. But one is male, and one is female. We were created differently by God, and sexual organs were not the only difference. Men are generally bigger, … Continue reading JaJa beats the Merion girls

Golden American beauties

Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor compete at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics   The United States of America team currently competing in Beijing, China at the XXIX Olympiad has given much attention to its men. Michael Phelps is a swimming machine who is about to break every Olympic swim record ever held, currently having won … Continue reading Golden American beauties