Phillies 2020 TV broadcasts will have a different flavor

As the Phillies prepare to open the COVID-delayed 2020 MLB season fans should prepare themselves for a different kind of TV and radio broadcast.

Phillies abandon AM radio

The Philadelphia Phillies will have no AM radio broadcasts in the 2016 season for the first time since the introduction of the medium.Under the terms of a new contract reached with CBS Radio earlier this week, any 2016 Philadelphia Phillies games over radio, whether from spring training, during the regular season, or any possible postseason … Continue reading Phillies abandon AM radio

Phillies Broadcasters Get Mixed Grades

As the play on the field has deteriorated over the last few seasons, the performance coming from the Philadelphia Phillies TV broadcast booth also deteriorated. Long gone were the glorious days when fans were able to enjoy the sounds of Harry Kalas and Richie Ashburn during the majority of the Phils’ TV and radio broadcast … Continue reading Phillies Broadcasters Get Mixed Grades