Jesus ‘Lost Years’ far from a teenage wasteland

Approximately 2,000 years ago today, Jesus Christ was alive and walking the earth - and he was becoming a teenager! Wrap your mind around that one.What must life have been like for, and with, a teenage Jesus? The last thing that we know for sure about him is just before this period, and comes from … Continue reading Jesus ‘Lost Years’ far from a teenage wasteland

Christ will come again…when?

This weekend marks Palm Sunday, the beginning of one of the two holiest weeks in the Christian calendar.On Palm Sunday we remember Jesus' entering the city of Jerusalem in Triumph to an explosion of good will, palmĀ branch waving, and shouts of "Hosana" before undertaking the most important activities of his life.These events included the overturning … Continue reading Christ will come again…when?

The end of the age

Some people of faith who believe in the prophetic teachings of the Bible look around at the obviousness of increased dramatic weather and natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes in recent years, at the increase in warring conflicts and tensions around the world, at the incredible pace of technological advancement and grow concerned.I for … Continue reading The end of the age