R.I.P. Michael Jackson (and Farrah)

I'm going to start this post with a plain statement: I don't believe that Michael Jackson was a pedophile at all. I don't believe that he ever had any type of inappropriate sexual relations with any child whatsoever.And I hope that the man, who I do believe was a tortured soul thanks to a traumatic … Continue reading R.I.P. Michael Jackson (and Farrah)

Will April’s Showers Bring May Flowers?

April was a pretty rough month in any way that you want to size it up. Record spending, debt, unemployment. A major shift towards socialism by our government. Increased attacks on the sacrament of marriage by homosexuals and liberal thinkers. And then finally ending with an attack by a Swine Flu pandemic.It's all a bit … Continue reading Will April’s Showers Bring May Flowers?