TV Watch: Banshee

Fans of one of the best new programs on television will be happy to learn that Cinemax has renewed "Banshee" for a third season to begin airing early in 2015. This means that our star-crossed hero, sheriff Lucas Hood, will return to continue sorting out the various nefarious elements in and around the fictional small … Continue reading TV Watch: Banshee


TV Watch: "Shameless"

The problem with cable television series is that they tend to show a lot of sex, especially among non-married individuals, drug and alcohol abuse, crime commission, and the entire array of man's worst and basest actions. "Shameless" has all of that. The greatness of cable television series is that they don't hide from any of those … Continue reading TV Watch: "Shameless"

Rabbit Ears Have Digital Life

The full digital television revolution officially began a week ago on Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 in places like Albuquerque, New Mexico and Biloxi, Mississippi and Charlotte, North Carolina and Eugene, Oregon and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.On that date in these and many other American cities, the transition began from analog to digital television. It begins a revolution … Continue reading Rabbit Ears Have Digital Life

2005 American of the Year: Bill O’Reilly

  Fox News commentator, author and broadcast journalist Bill O’Reilly, has been selected as the second “American of the Year” honoree in what is planned to be an annual tradition at this website. The selection of O'Reilly follows last year's honoring of former NFL player and American serviceman Pat Tillman, who gave his life in … Continue reading 2005 American of the Year: Bill O’Reilly