The Fall

Here on earth, it’s the “Fall” season, and last night we were reminded of that fact with the now-annual modern rite of the “Fall Back” act of turning clocks back one hour in a return to standard time from daylight savings time. But those are not what we’re going to talk about here in reference … Continue reading The Fall

Sunday Sermon: Two things about bad things

There are two things that we can absolutely say with certainty about bad things: they will happen to good people, and good people will do them. The questions that all who want to believe in a loving, benevolent, saving God ask at some point in their lives often revolve around these two ideas. Those questions, … Continue reading Sunday Sermon: Two things about bad things

Britt Hume’s advice to Tiger Woods

Everyone pretty much knows the story of Tiger Woods’ recent fall from grace. It became public that the mega-star athlete and corporation head was a serial adulterer. The married Woods is the father of two kids in diapers and cashed in greatly not only on his golfing acumen, but also on a squeaky-clean family man … Continue reading Britt Hume’s advice to Tiger Woods

TV Watch: Crossing the Goal

EWTN, the ‘Eternal Word Television Network’, is the American television network which broadcasts Catholic-themed television programming. The network has come under some attacks and criticisms since Mother Angelica, the pithy nun who founded the network in 1981 and grew it into the most recognizable world wide media voice of the Catholic Church, left the network … Continue reading TV Watch: Crossing the Goal