Happy Thanksgiving

With everything going on in the world that makes life difficult for us, there remain so many gifts from God for which I am personally thankful on this Thanksgiving Day when we set specific time aside for such reflections. I am thankful first of all for God Himself and the relationship that He has inspired … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving


Islamism Series: Mumbai

Radical Islam has once again reared its ugly head, this time in Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, the financial and entertainment capital of the largest Democracy on the face of the earth in India. This attack marks yet another major strike by Islamic forces against the free world in their efforts to spread the rule … Continue reading Islamism Series: Mumbai

Monday morning quarterback

There is so much going on right now that one entry here needs to be devoted to a number of topics. So, I'm driving home after dropping my daughter off at her boyfriend's home this past Friday evening and one of her neighbors has their house decorated for Christmas. I mean, that would make it … Continue reading Monday morning quarterback