Giving thanks every day

There are many Catholic and other Christian families all around the world who begin each of their meals with the practice of saying 'grace'.Used in this context of a prayer said before a meal, grace literally means 'thanksgiving'. You are supposed to be thanking God for the gift of His bounty supplying the most basic … Continue reading Giving thanks every day


Monday morning quarterback

There is so much going on right now that one entry here needs to be devoted to a number of topics. So, I'm driving home after dropping my daughter off at her boyfriend's home this past Friday evening and one of her neighbors has their house decorated for Christmas. I mean, that would make it … Continue reading Monday morning quarterback

TV Watch: Crossing the Goal

EWTN, the 'Eternal Word Television Network', is the American television network which broadcasts Catholic-themed television programming. The network has come under some attacks and criticisms since Mother Angelica, the pithy nun who founded the network in 1981 and grew it into the most recognizable world wide media voice of the Catholic Church, left the network … Continue reading TV Watch: Crossing the Goal