How can you let go of emotions

Love: learning to let go and let go

In a society in which everything has to happen quickly and hardly anyone really wants to decide for or against something, letting go and letting go have become foreign words. Those who allow can be hurt and those who let go lose something. At least that seems to be the common assumption about the subject. But right now in love it is extremely important to be able to let in and let go. How exactly does it work and why is it so important? Read more in our article.

The importance of letting go and letting go

Allowing creates closeness

Those who cannot really get involved with their counterparts do not feel any real closeness. Those who cannot allow themselves to remain emotionally distant. He experiences the relationship almost like an outsider and not like someone who is part of it. With the admission of a situation, the associated developments and emotions arise Proximity, connectedness and intimacy. If, on the other hand, you fight back and try to control the situation, you will not be able to get involved and you will be alone together.

Letting go makes room for something new

While allowing serves two people create new space for one another together, letting go is just the opposite. Letting go means you Make space for yourself for something new. Be it for people, situations, or emotions. So it is important that you break away from your past and let it go. Or have you ever had a free hand with your hands full? Of course not. This would be a contradiction in terms. Because full hands mean you are not free to hold new things. This picture shows well how important it is that you are close with your past. The process of letting go can be painful, but it's always worth it.

Let go and let go as a motor

Do you know people who have little energy and who have been in a hopeless situation for years? These people probably never learned how to let in and let go. Out of fear, many remain in living conditions that are not good for them and that they should have left long ago. But they would rather stay with the old familiar than expose themselves to an uncertain future. The aim is to let go of the old and let go of the new as an engine for a healthy life. This guarantees further development.

Of course, it is not easy to let go of certain areas of your life. Often it doesn't matter how stressful a dynamic is. Humans are creatures of habit and as such they shy away from change. You don't know what's coming and whether that's better. In addition, you have to start from scratch again. This means that new energy is needed again. We'll tell you the positive side: This energy is available to you once you have finished with the old man. So swim with the flow of life, where letting go and letting go are the most important mechanisms for moving.

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