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This is how high various annual salaries on Google are

What do Google employees actually earn? Many people have asked themselves this question several times. After all, the company's search engine alone is almost synonymous with Internet search, Google's YouTube now has over two billion users and with Chrome as the world market leader, Google also has a great influence on the surfing behavior of users. Google's parent company Alphabet had more than 127,000 employees in the report for the second quarter of 2020.

Google would normally not disclose what employees earn in the company. However, the company must provide the salary when applying for a visa for a foreign professional. Based on such visas, Business Insider has determined over 6,000 salaries by reviewing the relevant applications. In the same way, the publisher had recently disclosed various Facebook annual salaries.

The salaries: corporate lawyer and software director at the top of the list

The data available to Business Insider does not provide a comprehensive picture of annual salaries at Google. On the one hand, only visas for foreign skilled workers in the USA - mostly in California or New York - were analyzed. On the other hand, only data on basic compensation was disclosed, as the German offshoot of Business Insider reports. Accordingly, not all positions in the company are covered and the list only gives an overview.

However, this shows that a director of software and site reliability technology, for example, can earn a whopping $ 389,000 a year. This is by far the top salary that Business Insider has uncovered. A corporate lawyer who can earn between 265,000 and 290,000 US dollars annually moves into similar spheres. By comparison, Google and Alphabet's CEO Sundar Pichai has been making $ 2 million a year since January 2020 - plus stocks and bonuses. This comes from an official document from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. All salaries revealed by Business Insider are shown in the following table:

All annual salary figures are based on Business Insider's analysis. This does not claim to be complete and cannot show exactly how much an individual employee earns; rather, the analysis reveals an interesting picture of the possible salary range for various jobs at one of the most important tech companies of our time.

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