How good is iet

The present tense

The present tense is the verb form for the present. It has other uses (e.g. the historical present tense or generalizations), but we will not go into these here.

The conjugation of the Latvian verbs is regular. There you can see the personal endings -u, -i/- and -a/ - in the singular, -(at the, -(at and -a/ - determine in the plural.

There are also irregular verbs, but their number is limited to three: būt 'be', iet 'go and dot 'give'.


Rīt mēs brauksim pie jūras, es ļoti priecājos par to!

tomorrowdrive we to the sea, me happy me very much!

Kaimiņbērnispēlē pagalmā futbolu.

The neighborhood children play Football in the yard.

Itlasu grāmatu.

Ireading a book.

Mēsmeklējam ceļu uz staciju.

Wesearch the way to the train station.

In the following (as well as for all other tenses) the respective temporal verb endings are shown in their conjugation classes.
The present tense of the 1st conjugation class
The present tense of the 2nd conjugation class
The present tense of the 3rd conjugation class