What are some communal violations

City of Kehl controls Corona requirements in restaurants more strictly than other municipalities

Day and night, the municipal security service of the city of Kehl checks whether the Corona regulation is being observed in the restaurants. Result: often it won't. The city has already initiated several proceedings against innkeepers, including two to withdraw their so-called restaurant permits.

But while in Kehl, admittedly a hotspot of nocturnal entertainment venues given the metropolis of Strasbourg in the vicinity, complaints arise again and again, in the other large district towns it is remarkably quiet. “Hardly any complaints” is what this editorial team often says when asked.

In Kehl, the police and the municipal security service take turns checking

The background remains partially unclear - the reasons are different. The answers were all in writing, and none of the municipalities asked to explain the methodology and results of the controls by telephone.

The problems in Kehl range from violations of the mask requirement by staff to the question of whether something like a forbidden discotheque is not being operated here under a pretext. The municipal security service and the police take turns checking.

According to the city press spokeswoman, the complaints range from improper guest registration to various hygiene violations and the operation of a “club-like” amusement facility.

Boris Klatt, head of the Offenburg Public Order Office, speaks of a "somewhat lax attitude" to the mask requirement and the distance rules as the result of numerous controls. But this is generally noticeable in practically all public areas and not only in the so-called amusement facilities: "We are not aware of any gross and permanent violations," continues Klatt.

Violations can result in a fine of up to 5,000 euros

The aim of the controls by the city and the police is above all to arouse understanding for the regulations that have been adopted, so the focus is on advice and not on sanctions. Incidentally, this could be expensive for the landlords: Depending on the violation, fines of up to 5,000 euros could be imposed.

The number of complaints in Lahr is manageable: So far there have been ten administrative offense proceedings due to a lack of collection of guest data, each costing 55 euros. Two procedures due to missing mouth and nose protection in local transport and retail were a little more expensive: 88.50 euros. Further controls are planned, the city announced.

So far there have been "no complaints" in Achern, according to Mayor Klaus Muttach's office. Many operators of restaurants, ice cream parlors and bistros have contacted the municipality in advance to inquire about the requirements.

In the case of first-time violations, the city relies on verbal advice rather than warning and fines: "We have done very well with this so far," said Helga Sauer, spokeswoman for the city of Achern. So far, "only a few minor violations have been found," which were punished with notices without a warning fee.

Most municipalities are not as strict with the first violation

For example, one day the guest data was missing in one case, the service of a garden pub "on a hot day just had the mask hanging under the chin".

In the meantime, especially among young people, Sauer continues, carelessness is growing or there is a lack of insight into the corona measures in general. With most of the guests, however, one meets with understanding during the controls, only a few affected would consider all of this to be harassment.

The city of Oberkirch, like the city of Achern, points out that information should be provided first in the event of violations, and that traders should be given a newsletter to keep them up to date.

In the Offenburg Police Headquarters, the responsibility for monitoring the Corona Ordinance is seen primarily in the municipal regulatory authorities - "the police usually take action when serious violations occur," says Mara Huber from the Presidium's press office. If one is made aware of violations, one follows "the regulations according to the punishment".