What unwanted things are you wearing

50 things to throw away in the next 50 days.

Day 1: Everything you own twice and three times.

Day 2: Books that take up valuable space in your home even though you have never read them and never will read them.

Day # 3:Jeans that don't really fit somehow.

Day # 4: Pens that no longer write.

Day # 5: Old nail polish that has already hardened.

Day # 6:Scarves you've never worn.

Day # 7:Apps on your phone that you never use.

Day # 8: Expired medication.

Day # 9:Unwanted Christmas or birthday gifts that you don't like. Pass it on, maybe someone else can do something with it.

Day # 10:All the unnecessary clutter in the Maybe at some point I will still need it-Drawer.

Day # 11:Lonely socks. The other won't come back, come to terms with it.

Day # 12: Old greeting cards that you no longer look at anyway.

Day # 13:Yellowed costume jewelry.

Day # 14: Worn bras.

Day # 15:Boxes standing around empty.

Day # 16:Belts that you are not wearing.

Day # 17: Product boxes. You never need it again anyway.

Day # 18:Receipts clogging your wallet.

Day # 19:Outdated installation CDs for Windows 95 including the ancient backup copies on diskette.

Day # 20:Promo t-shirts you never wear anyway.

Day # 21:Golden chocolate bunnies from the day before yesterday and Santa Claus from last December.

Day # 22: Expired coupons and vouchers.

Day # 23: The half-empty product bottles in the bathroom or the jam jars vegetating in the fridge. Empty it or put it away!

Day # 24: Earrings flying around that don't go together.

Day # 25:Old phone cases.

Day # 26:Scratchy clothing that is uncomfortable to wear.

Day # 27:Candles that have already burned down.

Day # 28:Old school books.

Day # 29:Advertising brochures that you will never leaf through anyway. (You can also use the No advertising-Attach sticker to the mailbox.)

Day # 30: Rusted bobby pins.

Day # 31:All free postcards with awkward puns that try to be funny. (They are not.)

Day # 32:Your toothbrush.

Day # 33:All ‘that stuff that has built up in the compartments of your handbag or backpack over time.

Day # 34:Withered house plants.

Day # 35: Anything where you “But it was really expensive think. The saying doesn't work.

Day # 36: Old CDs that you keep like treasure, as if they bring back days gone by.

Day # 37:Past lecture directories and illegible scribbled notes from my studies eight years ago.

Day # 38:Outdated travel guides.

Day # 39:Cookbooks whose dishes you don't like.

Day # 40:Shoeboxes. All of them!

Day # 41:Plush toys from the fair that you've long forgotten.

Day # 42: Spam emails and involuntary newsletter subscriptions. It is best to unsubscribe at the same time.

Day # 43:Faded sleep t-shirts that you wouldn't show yourself to anyone.

Day # 44:Uncomfortable shoes that push.

Day # 45:Bad photos and the 1000 random screenshots that actually only rob you of your storage space.

Day # 46:Broken lightbulbs that you haven't replaced yet.

Day # 47: Old love letters from previous admirers that no longer mean anything to you.

Day # 48:Decorative items that you don't put down.

Day # 49: Old newspapers.

Day # 50:And generally all things that cause you negative associations.

And here we go! Let's cross one item off the list every day and start the new year with a little less luggage! 🙂


** A small note on the side: Please make sure to dispose of these items carefully and in an environmentally friendly manner for the sake of our environment. For some of them (e.g. electronic waste or nail polish) there are separate disposal procedures. In addition, the word “throw away” also includes “give away” or “donate” in this case. Especially with well-preserved things, you may still find a happy buyer.