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Korean cosmetics | You should know these 5 K-Beauty Brands by now

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Korean cosmetics is on everyone's lips right now and is one of THE beauty trends of the year. More and more Korean brands can be found in perfumeries, online shops and even in drugstores here in Germany. From peeling to cream, from mask to make-up: K-Beauty products are everywhere. In order to give you information and an overview of the multitude of products and brands and above all to clarify what is actually special about Korean cosmetics, I have put together five of the most important brands and their special products. Lately, some of the Korean cosmetic products for eyes and face have also found their way into my shopping cart and have been using them diligently since ordering or delivery. I'll tell you more about this soon in a beauty favorite article. First, however, I will introduce you to the ten care steps of the Korean Skin Care Routine.

Why everyone now wants Korean cosmetics and what we can learn from the beauty routine of Korean women

Korean cosmetics are based in particular on natural ingredients and have far fewer chemical ingredients than you are used to from many beauty products from other countries. In addition, the range of K-Beauty is much more extensive, because the Korean care routine includes up to ten different steps. The first two steps consist of the so-called Double Cleansing (1 + 2), which includes first make-up removal with a cleansing oil and then facial cleansing with lotion or foam. This is followed by a third step about once a week Peeling (3), which is particularly recommended for oily skin that is prone to blemishes. To prepare the facial skin for the following care steps, a peeling follows Toner (4), also called refresher, which is used for refreshment. In contrast to many conventional face toners, toners do not contain alcohol and thus prevent the skin from drying out. The fifth step is one of the most important of the beauty routine and is associated with a product that we rarely use here: the Essence (5). This moisturizing liquid serves as the basis for other care products and is gently patted into the skin from bottom to top. It is the same with the Serum (6) procedure that follows the essence and is adapted to the specific needs of the skin. No matter if wrinkles, dryness or impurities - there are serums for every skin problem. For a special glow on the skin, a serum is applied several times a week after the serum Sheet Mask (7) used, which is one of the most famous K-Beauty products in Germany. The mask, the active ingredients of which are applied to the face with a fleece, is particularly practical to use and more effective than "normal" masks in cream form. Step 8 is one that many too often leave out: The Eye cream (8). Since the skin under the eyes is very thin, wrinkles appear there first, which is why Korean women especially use eye creams that contain collagen. The penultimate step of maintenance is a Emulsion (9) uses, a milky lotion that provides moisture and serves as an ideal day care, especially for oily skin. The skin care is completed with a Cream (10)that moisturizes the skin more intensively at night than the rather light emulsions. During the day, Koreans use cream with a high sun protection factor, a habit that you can also learn from them here in Germany. Sufficient protection against UV rays and environmental influences is very important to prevent skin aging and should always be part of the standard care program. We should also take inspiration from the lengthy beauty routine of Korean women and from paying more attention to natural ingredients. Korean brands that make this easy can be found below.

Tonymoly - funny packaging design meets natural ingredients

Tonymoly describes the use of her products as skin entertainment and that is exactly what the sweet packaging à la Panda, Banana & Co convey: Lots of fun in the bathroom! The Tonymoly products not only have a funny exterior, but also an effective interior. Green tea, bamboo water or hyaluron are among the skincare all-rounders and are contained in essences, ampoules, sheet masks and creams that are supposed to bring us closer to the Korean ideal of beauty of even skin.
My favorite: The Pure Eco Bamboo Toner with a neutral pH value, which does not let the skin dry out.

Dr. Jart - dermatological competence for every skin type

As the name suggests, the Dr. Jart has the medical know-how of a team of dermatologists. The effective use of scientific knowledge has resulted in a range of products that also helps people with very sensitive skin and pregnant women to have more beautiful skin. Thanks to the collaboration with artists and designers, the products impress with their great design and innovative materials.
My favorite: The rubber mask, which contains a rubber mask instead of a fleece, under which the serum can work particularly well.

Neogen - the best of nature or the new naturalism

Neogen sees itself as a brand that promotes the coexistence of people and nature. The somewhat futuristic concept of neo-naturalism that the company is researching is based on the idea that humanity is destined to develop together with nature and to communicate with it. To cut a long story short: The natural ingredients are supposed to care for our skin better than chemical equivalents - is obvious, right?
My favorite: The practical Green Tea peeling pads, which are made of skin-friendly cotton, soothe redness and shrink pores.

Dewytree - mild and effective cosmetics based on the 7cut principle

The Korean brand Dewytree, like all the other brands already mentioned, stands for natural care. In the 7cut product line, Dewytree does without the following ingredients that are considered harmful: parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, benzophenes, triethanolamines and artificial fragrances and dyes. This line is therefore particularly suitable for very sensitive facial skin. But the other products are in no way inferior, because they are all dermatologically tested and have a pH value between 4.5 and 6.5 and are therefore particularly low-irritation.
My favorite: The Ultra Vitalizing Snail Cream, which nourishes and nourishes the skin overnight.

Missha - old beauty secrets from the Far East meet new technologies

Missha is probably one of the best known of the Korean skin care brands. With a huge range of decorative cosmetics and care products of all kinds, Missha offers everything that makes the hearts of beauty lovers beat faster. In addition to using primarily natural ingredients, Missha also relies on avoiding unnecessary plastic consumption and avoiding animal testing - a point that is particularly important to me when buying cosmetics.
My favorite: The Perfect B.B Deep Cleansing Oil, which uses vegetable oils to gently and quickly remove waterproof make-up.

Have you already tried Korean Skin Care products? Feel free to leave me your opinion and recommendations or contact me if you have any questions about K-Beauty!

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