Why do Latvians emigrate from their country?



Latvia is an EU and Schengen country. In order to be able to identify yourself during controls, you need a valid passport or identity card.


The cool, temperate Baltic Sea climate gives Latvians light and mild, but rarely hot, summers. On very warm days you can even dare to take a bath in the Baltic Sea or in the Buch von Riga: the water sometimes reaches temperatures of up to 25 ° C. Winters are long, dark and humid.

to eat and drink

In a country dominated by forest and water, there is logically a lot of game and fish on the plate. There are also mushrooms, berries and stews. But also roast pork and sauerkraut. Among the fish, the most popular is the tasty catfish. The drinks include birch sap, rhubarb wine, honey beer and the non-alcoholic yeast drink kvass, which is written in Latvian kvass.

Cultural peculiarities

Latvia lies at the intersection of cultures: this is where Eastern and Western, Northern and Central Europe meet. A stroll through the capital, Riga, testifies to the great past of the bourgeois era. Dance, singing and opera are very popular in Latvia. Folklore and tradition dominate in the country. Whoever it is possible shouldn't miss the Midsummer Festival (Jani) on June 23rd. Here, the beginning of summer is celebrated with flower wreaths, dancing and drinks around the campfire until the early hours of the morning - Midsummer Night in Latvian.

Medical advice

The health infrastructure in Latvia is at EU level. The Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs points out the occurrence of ticks in Latvia. Sometimes ticks can transmit diseases: You can get vaccinated against TBE, the only thing that helps against Lyme disease is to remove ticks from the skin as quickly as possible and consult a doctor for treatment if the bite site becomes conspicuous. If you have any doubts or questions, please ask your family doctor.


The security situation in the Baltic states is good. In the capital, Riga, not all bar operators are friendly to tourists, and some issue inflated bills. A “tourist friendly” sticker tells strangers where they don't have to worry. Even with taxis, make sure that you only get into official cars. You can recognize them by the abbreviation TX on the number plate. The greatest danger in Latvia comes from road traffic. Here, anticipatory behavior and a defensive driving style can help.


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