What happened to Karna's son

Chapter 152 - Conversation between Duryodhana and Karna

Sanjaya continued:
After Drona had finished, your son Duryodhana again angry and determined to fight Karna and said to him:
Remember, O Karna, how Arjuna only penetrated our battle order, formed by Drona and insurmountable even by gods, with Krishna as a helping companion, and killing Jayadratha before the eyes of the glorious and fighting Drona and before all of us. See, oh son of Radha, how many of the most excellent kings lie dead on the earth, whom Arjuna defeated all alone, although Drona and we all fought against him. Arjuna reduced my army to a small remnant. How could he successfully fulfill his vow despite Drona's resistance? How could Arjuna get past Drona if he didn't want to? Verily, Arjuna is extremely dear to Drona, for he granted him passage without a fight. Oh, what misfortune is happening to me! First Drona promised his protection to Jayadratha, and then he let Arjuna pass. If he had given the Jayadratha his permission to return home, this disaster would never have happened. Oh, Jayadratha wanted to save his life and leave the battlefield. And it was only because Drona promised him protection that I stopped him from going. And I am still more sorrowful that my brothers died under Chitrasena.

But Karna appeased him:
Don't blame the teacher. The Brahmin struggles to the limit of what is possible for him and in doing so has little regard for his life. There is not the slightest blemish on Drona, even if Arjuna with his white horses was able to penetrate our ranks and bypass the teacher. Arjuna is a hero, master of all weapons, young, strong and extremely fast. With his heavenly weapons, Krishna who wielded the reins, the chariot with the monkey banner, impenetrable armor and Gandiva, he has overrun Drona with strong arms and great determination. It is not surprising. Because Drona is old and no longer too fast. He can no longer use his long arms like a youth, and therefore Arjuna was able to handle Krishna successfully as a charioteer. It seems to me that Drona is unable to defeat the Pandavas. And what fate determines cannot happen otherwise. How else could Jayadratha die when we were all doing our best? Well, fate does not seem favorable to us because it has thwarted all our efforts. We have always tried to hurt the Pandavas, both with deceit and heroism. If fate does not conform, no amount of effort will bear fruit. And yet one should strive with perseverance and without fear, even if success depends on fate. The Pandavas were deceived, poisoned, burned and defeated with the dice. They were banished to the woods. We did everything with all our might, and yet fate ruined everything. So fight resolutely, O king, and do not think of fate. May fate between the two struggling sides decide who is the winner. The Pandavas have not made particularly wise decisions by means of their own reason, nor have you ever acted unwisely and without understanding, O descendant of the Kurus. For it is fate that judges the results of our actions as wise or not. It wakes up when everything seems to be asleep and always has its own agenda. Your army was great and your warriors many when the battle began. However, the pandavas' lesser clout was more effective and our strength dwindled. I fear fate blocks all our efforts.

Sanjaya continued:
As they spoke, the fight between Pandavas and Kurus broke out again, and all the elephants and wagons were called up. And all this happened, O King, because of your evil politics.

Here ends with the 152nd chapter the Jayadratha Badha Parva in the Drona Parva of the blessed Mahabharata.