What happens in the Amity aptitude test


Beatrice (Tris) lives in a future Chicago. Society is extremely structured and divided into 5 fractions (population groups). There are the groups:

  • Abnegation - The selfless
  • Dauntless - The Fearless
  • Erudite - The Scholars
  • Candor - The sincere
  • Amity - The friendship

There are also the non-attached; but their fate is miserable, because they have too much to die for and too little to live on and in their meager life are dependent on the benevolence of the parliamentary groups.

In the year after their 16th birthday, the young people choose their future parliamentary group. Everything further depends on this choice: the future circle of friends, the future job opportunities, the environment in which they will live and the attitude to life adopted by the parliamentary group. If you change the faction, you leave your family and your old life, because the faction is above the blood relationship. If, on the other hand, you stay in your parliamentary group, you know what to expect.

Beatrice is one of the selfless, but feels deep inside her that selflessness up to the point of giving up her own self is too great a limitation for her in the long run. But which parliamentary group should she switch to instead? On the day before the election process, all candidates in a given year take an aptitude test to find out whether and which parliamentary group is suitable for them and why. Nobody knows what happens during the test and those who do are not allowed to talk about it. Beatrice is accordingly excited. During the test, she learns something that turns her life upside down, makes her choice even more difficult and, moreover, puts her in danger. The next day, Tris makes her choice.

Divergent / The determination is the debut novel by 22-year-old Veronica Roth and the start of a dystopian trilogy. Not yet another dystopia and trilogy one might think, but Divergent / The determination is different. After just a few pages, the story grabs you and won't let you go. First you want to know what choice Tris is making, then how she gets along in her parliamentary group and then you are completely captured by all the rules and descriptions of this world that you just can't stop reading. Makes perfect Divergent / The determination the love story, which is wonderfully embedded in the whole scenario and which gives Tris an additional headache. The protagonist is not a simple character, but she is authentic. Your male counterpart is mysterious and sometimes contradicting. But you quickly realize that the two have more in common than expected.

Towards the end the plot rolls over, so maybe a few additional pages would have been nice, but the tension and the 'Oh-my-God-I-have-to-read-on-feeling' doesn't detract from this. The language and style of the book are also successful and to the point. I had read very positive voices about the book beforehand and I can only agree: Divergent / The determination is great and highly recommended. However, I would shy away from making comparisons to other dystopias - such as The Hunger Games / The Hunger Games, Matched / Cassia & Ky or the Delirium Trilogy / Amor Trilogy. Read for yourself and let yourself be enchanted by this world.

Part 2 is called Insurgent / Deadly Truth and will be released on May 1, 2012. Part 3 should be released in spring 2013. The first volume in German will be published by cbt in March 2012.

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