Are you a perfect person

When Abbie Cullen opens her eyes after a dream and sees her husband Tim beaming with joy, she thinks she would wake up after a serious accident. But actually everything is completely different: Because a few years earlier Abbie had gone surfing in heavy waves and disappeared without a trace. Nobody has ever seen her again. Her husband Tim was the main suspect on charges of murder.

When nothing could be proven to him, the successful entrepreneur decided to get his wife back in the form of a companion robot - i.e. as artificial intelligence with feelings. Abbie is completely confused because she thinks like a human and also has the memories and feelings of the person she is modeled on. It is difficult for her to accept the idea that although she can be Tim's mate, she can no longer be his lover.

But gradually memories come back that weren't so rosy after all. And what about the suspicions against her husband? Why was Abbie's body never found? What happened then?

Emotional robot

Even after the first chapter it is clear that this book is anything but everyday, because it does not tell a person who is in danger, but the story of a robot who wants to solve a mysterious incident in the past and find out what happened between Abbie and happened to her husband. Little by little the “cobot” starts looking for clues and comes closer and closer to a riddle.

I have to admit that after the first chapter I was pretty offended because I had not expected this turn and found it more than unusual to put myself in the shoes of a robot. I was not able to completely shed this feeling until the end, although - and I have to admit this - the arc of tension increases continuously and one is inevitably drawn into the spell of the story.

This makes the book a real page turner, although you may still have difficulties with Abbie as the main character. But you just want to find out with her what happened between Abbie and Tim and why she disappeared without a trace. Step by step, you approach the solution together with the cobot. And then it really has it all again. I have to admit that the author fooled me with his final twist - I didn't see her coming!

From two angles

The story is told from two different perspectives: Some passages are written by an outside observer, but in large parts Abbie is addressed directly by the narrator, as if he just wanted to tell the story to her. I also found this extremely unusual, because of course you inevitably feel addressed by the narrator yourself. I didn't like this perspective that much, I would have preferred - if at all - to put myself in the shoes of Abbie and experience parts of the story from her perspective. Nonetheless, Abbie is of course the character you get to know best because she is at the center of the story.

The chapters are partly written in the present, but partly we jump back into the past, namely into the time when Abbie and Tim met. So we gradually learn how the two fell in love and got closer, what the two experienced. You get to know Tim especially from two sides, because he is not only the loving husband, but also a rather ruthless businessman who primarily only thinks of himself and his success. In this respect, you don't really like him.

Dead you are perfect

As soon as you find out that the main character is an artificial intelligence, the title of the book suddenly becomes clear. However, the author caught me so cold that I was tempted to put the book to one side for a short time. But then the content appealed to me too much and quickly pulled me under its spell.

I didn't like the unusual narrative perspective that much, that's why there is a small print. But otherwise the book is really pretty exciting!

Brochure with flaps: 448 pages
ISBN-13: 978-3328104599
Penguin Publishing House

The author awards: (4/5) You forgive: (No Ratings Yet)

JP Delaney Penguin