What is breeding pedigree in cattle

Krahne - Dexter cattle are running meters

Guido Lindemann's cattle graze in Italy, Poland and Holland. But above all on 20 hectares of pasture land in Krahne. There the 42-year-old breeds Dexter cattle. If the Holstein cattle are up to 1.60 meters high in the withers, the Dexter cattle are running meters. But despite this significantly lower height, they also bring it to 400 to 600 kilograms. Guido Lindemann has already felt this in a bad way. A cop pushed him against a wall a good seven years ago and seriously injured him.

“It almost cost him his life,” says his father Jörg. The bull broke Guido Lindemann's second cervical vertebra. "Every cattle is dangerous," says Jörg Lindemann, the senior. "The bull had no horns, but that didn't matter, they have so much power and so much force."

Looking back, Guido Lindemann says: “He wasn't aggressive, otherwise he would have flattened me.” Even a playful cop can be very dangerous. For four months, the native of Brandenburg carried a frame that was attached to his skull with four screws. A halo fixator. Fortunately, the serious injury healed well.

The Dexter beef

In Germany, Dexter cattle are mainly taken for suckler cow husbandry. In Krahne, each cow gets a calf every year.

Dexter cattle are also suitable for wet meadows. "They do not cause any major damage," says Guido Lindemann. Joint grazing with horses is also possible.

The Lindemann cattle have a pedigree, also known as a herd book. This means that the animals have a certified parentage. "Our cattle have German and English herdbook papers," says Guido Lindemann.

Despite this terrible event and even though his father said: "Man, just stop the cattle!", The trained roofer remained true to his hobby.

Guido Lindemann started with it in 2001. He had read about Dexter cattle in the now closed magazine Geflügel-Börse, went to Sulingen in Lower Saxony and bought a cow, a calf and a heifer. This has resulted in a herd of up to 50 animals. Guido Lindemann also got some cattle from England. Ten calves were born this year.

Soon to the Brala again

What does the Lindemann family do with the Dexter cattle? “Slaughter and marketing and live sales,” says father Lindemann. Since 2002, Guido Lindemann has also been exhibiting annually at the Brandenburg agricultural exhibition in Brala in Paaren-Glien. Also now from May 9th to May 12th. The Dexter cattle from Krahne regularly win prizes. "For beauty, the appearance of the cow, muscular." Guido Lindemann also drives his Dexter to the Mela in Mecklenburg, this year for the fourth time. They keep him busy, his cattle.

The Lindemanns in Krahne, they were once a family of bakers. But the last trained baker was Jörg Lindemann. It already stopped in GDR times, “when my mother retired”. The former bakery is now a single-family house, there are cold-blooded horses in the yard and occasionally cattle in the boxes. In the past, the Lindemanns ran a grocery store in addition to the bakery, and they always ran a small farm. Ultimately, it is she who has stayed.

Employed at the Fliedners

Guido Lindemann himself works as a group worker in Fliedner's workshop for the handicapped. He keeps two herds of suckler cows, plus "a male brigade", which should stay among themselves.

The bulls have forehead curls and some of the animals have powerful horns. The Lindemann cattle get hay in winter and grass in summer and from time to time minerals. For the photo, the breeder lured his animals with a feed bucket. There they come running, the Dexter cattle.

From Marion von Imhoff