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The best news apps for Android

Steffen Zellfelder

If you have a newspaper with you, you don't have to be bored during the coffee break, on the train or on lazy days in the office. But if you are tired of dealing with large-format newspaper pages, so you would work on a sailboat, then smartphones and tablets are the solution again.

EnlargeThe best news apps for Android

All the major newspapers and broadcasters now offer sophisticated news apps that often provide free information on local news and events around the world. You avoid the trend of increasingly finding out about world events on Facebook - with the pleasant side effect of not constantly encountering half-truths, false reports and the Facebook content filter.

The like system on Facebook is tricky: Users mainly see messages in their own news feed that correspond to their own likes and, above all, their personal attitudes. The result: In your own small opinion bubble, other points of view are filtered and your own thinking is cemented on one side. The critical mind falls by the wayside so quickly.

This is one of the reasons why it is worth taking a look at the App Store: We have put together a range of high-performance, up-to-date news apps that impress with their journalistic craft: in addition to the major German newspaper houses, renowned British and American papers are also represented. The Guardian and the American Washington Post, in particular, top the list with extensive research, professional presentation and broad thematic coverage.

The apps offer advantages that printed newspapers are increasingly lacking in the digital age: Functional widgets show news about your favorite topics directly on the home screen, push notifications inform you promptly about important events and content is usually updated several times a day. The virtual Android newspapers are therefore more up-to-date than any daily newspaper.

Thanks to offline support, you can often read articles and posts on the go without a data connection, interactive graphics clarify complex topics and comment functions stimulate discussion among readers.