Virtual Reality VR is a dying technology

Endangered nature as a virtual image

Prof. Dr. Lars C. Grabbe: VR research can make nature physically tangible

Prof. Dr. Lars C. Grabbe teaches perception, communication and media theory at the Münster University of Applied Sciences and gives a lecture on endangered nature as a virtual image. (Photo: Wilfried Gerharz)

Münster / Steinfurt (May 9, 2019). Many people only know the effects of an endangered nature from the news. Therefore, innovative developers in the context of digital aesthetics try to make the natural space physically accessible and tangible as a designed virtual reality image space. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has succeeded in doing this with VR glasses. How, explains Prof. Dr. Lars C. Grabbe in the next GUDialog, to which the Institute for Society and Digital (GUD) invites.

"The TreeSense VR application is an example of what is known as the Body Ownership Illusion," explains Grabbe, who teaches perception, communication and media theory at the Design Department at Münster University of Applied Sciences. “The user briefly slips into the digital image of a tree, the body becomes a trunk, the arms turn into branches. What is seen virtually is felt and manifests itself, for example, in muscle stimulation. "

Grabbe's focus is primarily on the current digital aesthetics with which endangered nature is embodied. "I am concerned with the question of how virtual impulses and physical perception processes interact with each other in order to develop new user scenarios, such as illusions of virtual physicality." How VR creates new spaces of experience and knowledge and how this changes the perception of users is special exciting.

Grabbe's lecture “Nature as a virtual image. Digital imagery as aesthetic spaces of experience in a threatened nature ”begins on Wednesday (May 15) at 6:30 pm in the lecture hall of the Design Department, Leonardo Campus 6, in Münster. It is aimed at both professionals and interested citizens. Entry is free of charge, a registration is not needed. All information on the GUDialog series can be found at