Why am I so hideous



a hideous sight, stench, pain

a hideous cry

a hideous drink

a hideous cigar

in this hideous weather

in this hideous place

sth. smells, sounds disgusting

sth. looks hideous

In addition to damage to plants and animals, wild garbage often contaminates the soil, not to mention the hideous sight. [Aachener Zeitung, March 19, 2012] ZDL

The first beer tasted awful. I refined the recipe for months. The best thing I can do now is to have a top-fermented, dark beer. [Süddeutsche Zeitung, 02/04/2003] ZDL

The city is overwhelmed with the disposal of the waste and can only remove half of it. The rest rots on the streets, produces a hideous smell, is a breeding ground for pathogens and also endangers the groundwater. [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 01.11.2002] ZDL

As a listener, with a little effort, you can get used to the most hideous noises, after a while you endure the pitiful whimpering, which initially caused a stabbing headache, completely unscathed [...]. [Beyer, Marcel: Flying dogs, Frankfurt a . M .: Suhrkamp 1995, p. 176] ZDL

Underneath [under the robber's stocking mask] you can see his Menjou mustache, the yellowish-brown stubby teeth [...] and an abysmal evil, really hideous grin. [Die tageszeitung, May 21, 1990] ZDL

When you come back will you be my wife? [...] I know I am hideous to look at. But I would die of grief if you went and didn't return. [Beauty and the Beast, 1946, accessed October 31, 2014] ZDL