Can Indians visit Nepal without a passport

Entry requirements Nepal: visas & travel documents

Germans, Austrians, all other EU citizens, Swiss and Turks need a valid one to enter Nepal visa. The Entry requirements Nepal also write a Passport requirement in front.

Identification documents must have a validity of 6 months from the date of border crossing into the Asian landlocked country. The temporary passport and the children's passport with photo are accepted by the Nepalese immigration authorities. An entry with the identity card is Not possible. In view of rapid external changes, it is particularly important for small children to ensure that they are clearly visible on the picture on their identification documents. For children's passports i. d. Usually the possibility to have a passport photo added for a small fee. Entries by minors in a parent's passport have been prohibited since June 2012.

Entry of minors

Children traveling alone require written permission from their legal guardians in English. In the case of minors who are only traveling with one parent, it is advisable to carry such a letter with you from the second custodian. Please note that when entering Nepal an exit ticket must be presented at the airport. An itinerary stating your travel destinations is not sufficient. All tickets (flight, train or bus tickets) or proof that prove that you have left a country or can leave a country such as Nepal again, for example, are considered exit tickets. B. have a return ticket.

Entry requirements Nepal - the most important things at a glance

  • Visa requirements for Germans, EU citizens, citizens of Switzerland and Turkey and other nations
  • Accepted papers: passport, temporary passport and children's passport with a minimum validity of 6 months upon entry
  • every traveler needs their own identification document and their own visa
  • The period of validity shown on the visa must be checked; if the validity is exceeded, severe fines may be imposed
  • is a notification or registration requirement Not intended

Application channels for Visa Nepal

As far as known, there are three ways to apply for a visa for Nepal. The classic way is the application via the Nepalese embassy in Berlin or an honorary consulate in Nepal. Nepalese consulates, whose tasks include issuing entry permits, are in Frankfurt a. M., Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart. If travelers submit their application to the diplomatic mission or commission a visa agency, they will receive the visa note in their passport before departure.

It is different with the so-called Visa on arrival, which foreign visitors only apply for at the airport. Due to the long waiting times at the Nepalese border control, the Federal Foreign Office advises travelers to obtain their visa in Germany in advance. By obtaining a visa before departure, possible problems during the application process can be resolved in good time, e. B. if the entry requirements for Nepal are not all met.

The third application route for Nepalese visas is only available when entering via Tribuhuvan Airport. According to the Federal Foreign Office, passengers can access an online visa procedure for which no reliable empirical values ​​are available so far. This is the contact person for possible visa extensions on site Department of Immigration in Kathmandu.

Information on the required application documents can be found on our overview pages for the individual visa categories of the Nepal visa.

Contact person for entry requirements Nepal and travel advice

The transit for air travelers is visa-free if they are in possession of a valid ticket for the onward journey, do not leave the transit area of ​​the airport and fly on with the next connection. For all other cases, transit visas are available. When traveling from Nepal to China, please note that Chinese visas are not issued all year round in the Asian landlocked country.

The Federal Foreign Office summarizes travel advice, safety advice and information on preventive medical care for Nepal on its website.

Please note that we are not liable for the correctness of the information given above. The Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad, i.e. the Nepalese embassy and consulates, can provide binding information on visa and entry requirements for Nepal.