Is Eminem still a good artist

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The later cult rapper was born in 1972 in the US state of Missouri, where he also spent the first years of his life - albeit without his father Marshall Bruce Mathers II. He and his mother Deborah Briggs left him and his mother Deborah Briggs when Eminem was three months old. Both his childhood and his youth are said to have been marked by abuse and violence. His drug-addicted mother is said to have regularly thought up and faked diseases (Münchhausen-Stellvertreter-Syndrome), which Eminem repeatedly promoted to hospital for stays. He was also repeatedly the victim of physical and psychological violence in various schools that he attended because of numerous moves. Beatings led, among other things, to a temporary loss of vision and hearing. In early 1982, Marshall was in a coma for five days with cerebral hemorrhage after a particularly violent beating of a classmate.

Music career:
He set the stone of his music career rolling in 1997 when he took part in the "Rap Olympiad", an annual music competition in Los Angeles aimed at young rappers. He left it as runner-up and was named "Freestyle Performer of the Year". Thereupon an employee of the record company Interscope Records became aware of Eminem and got him a recording contract by giving a demo to the rap veteran Dr. Dre - who was enthusiastic - forwarded. Together they released the record "The Slim Shady LP" two years later, which climbed to second place on the Billboard charts in the United States and achieved four-fold platinum status in the United States after selling over five million units. Furthermore, he entered the charts in more than a dozen other countries and became a world star as the "first wise rapper".
To date (as of 2019) the artist has sold 220 million CDs around the world, making him one of the most commercially successful musicians today.

Slim Shady:
The name Eminem results from the pronunciation of his initials "M & M" and is often written EMINƎM. In addition to his popular stage name, Eminem is also known under the name "Slim Shady", which describes his alter ego.
Eminem once said that his name "Slim Shady" came about when he was drunk. The name describes the dark, twisted and violent side of Eminem's music.
The Slim Shady EP, which was released on December 10, 1997 on the Detroit independent label Web Entertainment, is the first release on which Eminem raps as Slim Shady.
After the rather poor success of his debut album Infinite, Eminem decided to rap about more controversial topics such as drugs, sex and violence on this EP under his alter ego Slim Shady. These are the beginnings of the rap style that made it famous two years later.

Acting career:
After minor appearances in the music video "Got the Life" by Korn (1998) and in the film "The Wash" (2001), Eminem made his first major appearance as an actor in the 2002 film adaptation of his own biography called "8 Mile". The Detroit film production, for which Eminem and actors such as Kim Basinger and Brittany Murphy were in front of the camera, has a playing time of 110 minutes. At a production cost of around $ 41 million, the film grossed around $ 243 million worldwide. An additional $ 75 million was raised through rental sales and contributions within just a week of the DVD's 2003 release.

In the course of his career, Eminem has probably received all the important prizes in the international music business. With more than 350 nominations, he was able to emerge as the winner over 150 times. He has received several ECHOs, various BRIT Awards, several American Music and Billboard Music Awards and numerous MTV Europe Music, MTV Video Music, World Music, People's Choice and Teen Choice Awards. Between 2000 and 2015 he was honored with a Grammy six times in the category "Best Rap Album", in 2002 the soundtrack of his film "8 Mile", "Lose Yourself", received an Oscar in the category "Best Original Song".

Though many rappers keep making headlines with affairs and wild stories, Eminem only did it once. Both he and singer Mariah Carey published several titles in which they processed a joint liaison. While Eminem himself repeatedly reported an alleged relationship, Mariah Carey always dissociated herself vehemently from these statements in public and described the former contact as platonic.
Rather, you know Kimberly "Kim" Anne Scott at the musician's side. They met in high school and began dating in 1989 when Kim ran away from home and found shelter with Eminem and his mother. Their daughter, Hailie, was born in December 1995 before they married for the first time in 1999. They divorced just two years later in 2001. They married a second time in January 2006 before divorcing again in April of that year. The 18-year-old love-hate relationship between hip-hop star Eminem and girlfriend Kim Mathers was marked by jealousy, anger and arguments.
At the end of the relationship, Eminem is said to have cheated on his wife Kim with Kesia Alvarez, after which he was 16 months with the pretty Brazilian.
Eminem finds it difficult to develop love relationships because he has already had many bad experiences. Even if Eminem lives withdrawn and protects his private life from the public as much as possible, there are some references to other women in his life besides "Kim". In addition to Britney Spears, the porn actress Gina Lynn, Brittany Murphy and Tracy McNew, the rapper is said to have had a few liaisons, but a relationship has never been confirmed.
In mid-2018 there were rumors of a possible relationship between Nicki Minaj and Eminem - the rapper couple par excellence. However, both are still in the getting to know each other.

Drug problems:
For a long time Eminem suffered from an addiction to pain and sleeping pills. He regularly consumed medicines such as valium and zolpidem. This dependency is said to have started in 2002 during the filming of "8 Mile", during which he had to work up to 16 hours a day. In 2007 he was hospitalized with a methadone overdose and came into contact with heroin. He was told that the "substance" was a substance that was better and more effective than Vicodin. It was only after it collapsed some time later that a doctor told him about the actual "drug". This happened after Eminem became addicted. During a subsequent withdrawal, he was accompanied by the English singer Elton John, who acted as his mentor during this time and visited him at least once a week. Since 2008 he has wanted to be completely free from drugs and medication.

Time out and return:
After the many drug excesses and a suicide attempt, the rapper took a musical break from 2006 to 2008. Eminem has been musically active again since 2009. His seventh solo album Recovery (2010) not only represents a new musical direction for the rapper - it includes collaborations with music greats such as Rihanna and Pink - but also suggests new lyrical notes. On the album, Eminem distances himself from his earlier albums Encore and Relapse, which were made when he was under the influence of drugs. In the following years, Eminem mainly worked as a producer and feature guest. In December 2017, his ninth solo album, Revival, will be released, which includes teamwork with Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran. In 2018 Eminem released his tenth album Kamikaze without prior notice.