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Smelly shoes can be extremely to be embarrassing. If a smelly cloud of smell spreads when you take off your feet, this is not only true for the wearer of the shoes, but also for people in the immediate vicinity extremely uncomfortable. But why do shoes actually stink? And how can you Avoid smelly shoes? Question after question - and here are the answers.

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  1. Causes of Smelly Shoes
  2. Clean feet & shoes to avoid
  3. Home remedies for muffle shoes
  4. Prevent odors

The causes of foul smelling shoes

Did you Sweaty feet? Do you wear your shoes all day? And are they breathable? Probably not, right? Otherwise they would hardly smell ... In fact, materials that can Stop air circulation in the shoe, contribute to the fact that the feet start to sweat after a short time. However, sweat itself doesn't stink. Rather, it's them Bacteria that gradually emergeif the sweat is not removed and the feet continue the humidity are exposed. The warm and humid environment inside the shoes literally invites bacteria to settle down and divide. And at a breakneck pace. The consequence is that Gases which are responsible for the unpleasant odors.

The question arises as to why "stinky feet" can occur in modern shoes at all. One of the reasons for this are inferior or airtight materials. This is for example of cheap Imitation leather or rubber materials the speech that significantly promote the development of heat and moisture inside the shoe. Of course you have to expect sweaty feet when you are in your shoes dirty socks wear them or just change them every few days.

Clean feet & shoes - important to avoid smelly shoes

Choosing the right shoes

In general, the Feet to be washed dailybecause, compared to the rest of the body, they are about the most sweat glands feature. This means that the sweat production in the area of ​​the soles of your feet is literally in full swing with every step. In shoes off breathable, lightweight materials the intensity of perspiration can be largely reduced. On the other hand, it is much easier to "stink" in shoes that are too tight or in footwear lined with synthetic fur. You should therefore pay attention to your feet as much as possible "Freedom" in the shoes to indulge the ones they so desperately need.

Change socks

You are also well advised, yours Change socks or stockings daily. In this way you prevent the sweat from the day before, which has deposited in the textile material, from forming bacteria again in the warm and humid environment of your shoes.

Ventilate & change shoes

If you let your feet air out for a few days after wearing them, you can avoid smelly shoes.

Pay attention to your Keep shoes as dry as possible. Certainly this is sometimes difficult to do after a long walk or a strenuous day at work, for example. Anyone who has a standing job for eight to ten hours will find it difficult to prevent "stinking" feet.

Unless you choose your shoes carefully from the start. Pull not the same shoes every day to work on. It's best to leave them after you wear them muck out for two to three days "in peace and quiet". The moisture that has accumulated inside the shoes - depending on the material - has not always disappeared overnight. What you can do to literally soak up the moisture like a sponge, you will find out if you read on now.

The ideal home remedies for muffle shoes

Classic household helpers

Why use expensive, industrially manufactured anti-odor products when grandmother's "treasure chest" has so much more to offer against smelly shoes? So you've certainly tried citric acid or cleaning agents with citrus additives while cleaning, haven't you? The special thing about the lemon is the antiperspirant effect. Odor bacteria are encapsulated in no time at all, so that unpleasant smells in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet disappear in no time. It is the same when you Put lemon peel in your shoes overnight. The citric acid really does a great job within 12 to 24 hours. Also Soda or baking powder are popular home remedies for making smelly boots and shoes smelly again. Just distribute a few grams of it inside the shoes and wait a day. The Moisture is absorbed, and with it the bacteria that are responsible for the unpleasant odors in the shoe. By the way, have Chalk and cinnamon powder same effect.

Lavender and other scents

Lavender can add a pleasant scent to your shoes.

In well-stocked specialist shops you can buy it for little money lavender to buy. The cute flowering plants are great odor killers - either when dried or when they are fresh. Just enter Sacks of it in your shoes. After a few hours, the foul smelling aroma is blown away. Essential oils give off a long-lasting, extremely pleasant fragrance. For example, you have the choice of using orange oil, citrus oil or the rosemary variant. Lavender is also offered as an essential oil. Spread two or three drops inside the shoes - and your nose will be happy soon!

Draw the moisture out of the shoe

Covering up odors is one side of the coin. Eliminating moisture in the shoes - that's the other. So is cat litter a still largely unknown insider tip with an impressive effect. Give one generous amount of it in your shoes and then let the litter do its job. The smelly damp is slowly but surely absorbed and encapsulated. If you dump everything the next day, you will not notice any more smells. If you Dryer sheets or newsprint in the house is always a good thing. Stuff either the cloths or the newspaper sheets in your stinky shoes. Give your shoes a break from about 12 hours. Meanwhile, the paper can do its job and soak up the moisture.

Kill the bacteria

As you now know, the unpleasant smells in shoes are caused by "over-active" bacteria that settle in a warm, humid environment. Put an end to this nasty climate and put your shoes in one Cotton bag. You put this for about six to eight hours in the freezer. Bacteria do not like the cold at all, and within a very short time they can no longer cause harm.

You can even use shoes made of certain materials to wash. Make sure to pay attention to the Care instructionswhich is usually hidden under the tongue. In this way, you can also very easily put an end to the unpleasant smell of sweat. As a little anti-sweat aid, it is also a good idea to put something on the shoes Disinfectants to spray. This kills any bacteria that may already be present. But be careful: only put on your shoes when everything is back completely dried is.

This is how you efficiently prevent smelly shoes

The insoles should be removed to dry sweaty shoes.

Not everything should come too close to the feet

Of course, you can take your shoes with you on a regular basis Foot or shoe deodorant spray. The problem with this, however, is that many industrially manufactured products contain harmful aluminum chloride. Do you really want to do this to your feet?

Tip: Just put a drop of Japanese medicinal plant oil under the soles of your feet. Just a few minutes later you will feel a peppermint-like taste on your tongue. This phenomenon should show you how "permeable" or receptive your sensitive feet with their complex nerve tracts and glands are. Therefore you should absolutely Refrain from moistening your shoes with toxic chemicals. I can't imagine what they can do. It is important that you have your shoes dry and air thoroughly after each use leaves. Depending on the material, this can take several days. As a result, you shouldn't wear your shoes every day. It's better to change your kicks regularly. Give Baby or foot powder after taking off on the surface of the inner leather and take advantage of the excellent moisture-absorbing properties. In this way, bacteria do not even deposit themselves.

Pay attention to quality when buying

When you buy shoes, if possible high quality and breathable materials pay attention, you are already on the right track in the fight against smelly shoes. Cheap materials are usually not breathable and thus contribute to the fact that moisture builds up inside after just a short period of wear. That is also even if you buy shoes that are too small. It is certainly sometimes tempting to take the new models one size smaller in order to simulate a smaller, more delicate foot. First is that by no means healthy and can cause painful blisters. Second, it makes it even harder for your feet to breathe. The result: stinky feet. Go with Insoles play it safe, if you want to avoid stubborn kicks. The new Activated carbon soles are particularly thin and soft, and they ensure that unpleasant odors do not arise in the first place. They also offer you the advantage that you have them insert into all of your favorite shoes can.


It doesn't take much to actively do something about sweaty or smelly boots and shoes. You must don't spend a lot of money and certainly do not use chemical preparations. Isn't it great that smelly shoes will soon be a thing of the past if you heed our tips? We wish you I wish you success with our tricks.

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