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"It came to me, the one ring. It is to become an heirloom of my kingdom. All descendants of the same blood should be bound to his fate, because I do not want to dare that anything happens to the ring."
—Isildur's records[src]

Isildur (Quenya: Servant of the moon) was the elder son of Elendil and the brother of Anárion. He was one of the few survivors of the fall of Númenor and King of Arnor. In the Battle of the Last Alliance, he cut the One Ring from Sauron's finger.



In his youth he invaded the fortress of King Ar-Pharazôn in Númenor, who was influenced by Sauron, and stole a fruit from Nimloth.

Escape from Númenor

As Númenor in 3319 Z.Z. went down, he sailed to Middle-earth with his father Elendil and his brother Anárion, their families and other loyal followers. With Anárion he founded 3320 Z.Z. the kingdom of Gondor. In his city of Minas Ithil he planted the seed of Nimloth, from which the White Tree grew.

War against Sauron

In the year 3429 Z.Z. Sauron attacked the city and Isildur had to flee, but was able to save a fruit of the White Tree. The last alliance between elves and humans followed, in which Sauron was defeated. Isildur took the One Ring and refused to destroy it.

After Elendil and Anarion's deaths, Isildur became High King of Arnor and Gondor. He instructed his nephew Meneldil in the royal affairs so that he could rule over Gondor.


Then at the end of the year 2 D.Z., at the beginning of the Ivanneth (according to our current calendar the month of September), with his three eldest sons as well as his guard of two hundred knights and soldiers, tough and war-experienced men, from Osgiliath to Arnor to take up his royal inheritance. Since he first wanted to go to Rivendell to consult with Elrond and to see his wife and youngest son Valandil, whom he had left there during the war, he did not take the north-south road, but followed the Anduin- Valley northward.

Isildur was attacked by orcs in the sword fields because he had not set up any guards. On the orders of his son Elendur, he put on the One Ring and jumped into the water of the Anduin to escape. Isildur became invisible, but he wore the mithril headband with the elendilmir and its rays were visible to the orcs as a red glow and thus showed them where in the water he was. But the One Ring betrayed him. Treacherous as he was, it slipped from Isildur's finger as the latter swam across the Anduin. So Isildur became visible again and was killed by orc arrows. The one ring stayed in the Anduin, where Déagol later found it while fishing.


Isildur had four sons with an unknown woman (the names in the HoME are in brackets):

  • Elendur (Kiryandil) * 3299 in Númenor † 2 D.Z.
  • Aratan (Eärnur) * 3339 in Gondor † 2 D.Z.
  • Ciryon (Vëandur) * 3379 in Minas Ithil † 2 D.Z.
  • Valandil * 3430 in Imladris † 249 D.Z.


  • It is possible that Isildur was burned by Saruman, as other objects of Isildur were found in a secret chamber of the Orthanc.
  • In the same year that Isildur died, he planted a seedling of the white tree in Minas Anor in memory of his brother Anárion.


  • In the film trilogy, Isildur is played by Harry Sinclair and can be seen in the prologue.


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