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Which motorhome for 4 people? How to find the right vehicle!

Read here which motorhome is suitable for 4 people and which criteria experts value when choosing!

Which motorhome for 4 people - The different types of motorhomes

Various criteria play a role in answering the question of the right vehicle for your camper vacation. Not only the Living space in itself is decisive, but also the structure or the Layout of the vehicle. First of all, we would like to go into the various types of motorhomes so that you can already get an initial assessment of the suitability of the camper.

The camping bus - for the undemanding and adventurous

Campers are Transporter converted to a mobile homeas you know from Mercedes or VW. They don't require a separate driver's license and are very easy to drive. While the campervans are suitable for a maximum of two people, the converted van can accommodate two adults and two children. Unfortunately, you have to do without luxury, a kitchen and a bathroom.


  • inexpensive
  • easy to drive
  • agile
  • Sufficient for a family with two small children


  • low ceiling
  • very little space
  • mostly neither kitchen nor bathroom available
  • little insulation and therefore only suitable for summer

The alcove - the reliable camper for every occasion

Compared to the camper, the alcove is much more comfortable and offers enough space for four people without any problems. It is characterized by a structure located above the driver's cab, which offers storage space or an additional sleeping space. The driver's cab is separated from the living area. A small kitchenette and a mini-sized bathroom are available in the alcove. In addition, there is a large dining table in the living area that can be converted into a bed in the evening.


  • enough space for 4-6 people
  • Kitchen and bathroom available
  • good value for money
  • demarcated cab


  • high fuel consumption
  • difficult driving physics due to the structure

The semi-integrated motorhome - more space for the whole family

Similar to the alcove, the semi-integrated motorhome also offers a kitchen and a bathroom. The dining table has enough seating for four people. The Cab is partially integrated into the living area (which is why this type of motorhome has its name) so that the driver's seat can usually be rotated and used as a seat at the dining table. The beds are in the rear of the vehicle. On some models you will find an additional fold-down bed. So the seating group does not have to be converted.


  • easy driving possible
  • for a maximum of four people
  • Kitchen and bathroom available
  • little fuel is required
  • The dining table does not have to be converted into a sleeping place in the evening


  • The cab is poorly insulated
  • not all semi-integrated vehicles have a pull-down bed

The fully integrated motorhome - comfortable accommodation for your vacation

The fully integrated motorhome takes its name from the open construction. The The driver's cab goes directly into the living area. It is usually a little larger than the semi-integrated motorhome and offers enough space for four people. Both a kitchen and a bathroom are built into this caravan, which makes camping much easier.

Attention:Integrated motorhomes usually weigh more than 3.5 tons, which is why you need a separate driver's license!

A large double bed is located in the rear of the vehicle, while your children can sit in the single beds in the front area.


  • enough space for four people
  • large living space
  • Bathroom and kitchenette are available
  • well insulated and therefore also suitable for winter holidays
  • comfortable ceiling height


  • high priced
  • little overview when driving
  • Maintenance work complicated

The Liner - XXL living space and luxury furnishings

The Liner is the largest motorhome currently available. In the dimensions of a bus built, four to six people can travel comfortably together. A large kitchen combined with a comfortable bathroom make the Liner a true luxury accommodation for camping. In some models, the bedroom is even completely separated. The children can sleep in the front area of ​​the vehicle.


  • a lot of space
  • The dining table does not have to be rebuilt
  • well insulated
  • comfortable equipment


  • high priced
  • separate driving license required
  • not very agile

The floor plan influences the suitability as a mobile home for 4 people

When it comes to the question of which motorhome is suitable for 4 people, it is not just that Number of beds must be taken into account. Above all, the layout is decisive for how well the vehicle can be divided up. In principle, the beds should be divided up so that parents and children have a separate place to sleep. While a large family bed is usually sufficient for a family with babies, your little ones enjoy being able to sleep in their own high or fold-down bed from kindergarten age.

The seating area should be geared towards the number of people. It is also advisable to choose a vehicle in which the dining area does not have to be converted into a bed. In this way, the adults can sit a little longer in the evening while the children are already in bed.

The models described above are available from simple mini bathrooms to wellness areas. If you value a large bathroom, you should opt for a larger motorhome like the Liner. There is usually no separate shower installed in small alcoves or in the camper. This is located above the toilet in the space-saving bathroom.

Which motorhome for 4 people - a conclusion

If you are wondering which motorhome is suitable for 4 people, it depends on your personal requirements. A camper van is sufficient for very adventurous families. In general, experienced campers recommend an alcove or the integrated motorhome. The Liner is the luxury car and is also well suited for families with children in adolescence and adults.