Are Buffalo Wings from Buffalo

Buffalo wings

Buffalo wings are typical snack foods that are mainly enjoyed during sports broadcasts in the USA.

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Recipe preparation

  1. First the hot marinade is prepared. To do this, the chilli peppers are washed, cut lengthways and the sharp stones carefully removed. Then the chili peppers are chopped into small pieces.
  2. Now the olive oil is mixed with salt, lemon juice and the chili peppers. Garlic and onion are finely chopped and mixed in. After stirring in the mustard, the marinade is seasoned with the apple cider vinegar.
  3. After washing the chicken wings, pat them dry. The tip is shortened, the chicken wings are severed in the joint, a "drumette" upper arm and a "flat" forearm are created.
  4. The butter is melted in a water bath and mixed with the marinade. Then the chicken wings are mixed well with the marinade and placed in a closed container in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.
  5. Then line a baking sheet with a raised edge with parchment paper. Drain the chicken wings and lay them out on the baking paper.
  6. Then slide the baking sheet into the oven on the lower rail and switch on the grill function. Without the grill function, the chicken wings are prepared at 200 ° top and bottom heat or 250 ° convection on the middle rail of the oven.
  7. After 15 minutes, the chicken wings are turned and coated again with marinade. After another 15 minutes, the chicken wings are cooked through.

Tips on the recipe

The chicken wings are arranged on a platter and served with celery sticks and carrot sticks. Blue cheese and mayonnaise perfectly complement the flavor of the spicy chicken wings.

Drink tip

In the USA, a cola is probably the drink that goes with the "wings". In Europe, a glass of light beer is more likely to be enjoyed.