Why not fight soldiers wear bulletproof

Bulletproof vests - lifesavers in the Bundeswehr

Bulletproof vests, also known as bulletproof vests or bulletproof vests, protect soldiers in the Bundeswehr from attacks with firearms. Their surface properties and materials are chosen so that they offer the greatest possible protection against all possible types of weapon ammunition. This is how safety clothing saves lives in an emergency.

Security levels of bulletproof vests

The protective power of a bulletproof vest is specified with a protection class. The respective protection classes, which in Germany range from SK1 to SK4, meet various performance requirements. The established standards for the bulletproof vests have resulted from tests of the vests. The gunshot and combat simulations measure how many shots the bulletproof vest can stop without being damaged. Different calibers with different projectile speeds are used.
Only when all the test steps have been carried out is the degree of protection attested to the vests. In Germany, the bullet test has been standardized and is carried out by state firing offices in accordance with the “Technical Guideline for Protective Vests of the Police”. The same conditions exist for the highest possible quality standards.

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The protection classes of safety vests

  • The Protection class SK 1 offers the wearers reliable protection against handgun ammunition with soft core and round head or partial jacket in combat.
  • Protection against handgun ammunition with a hard core is provided by bulletproof vests from Protection class SK2. They also intercept cartridges with very high penetration and armor-piercing properties.
  • The Protection class SK3 is awarded if it becomes clear in tests that the vest offers protection against rifle ammunition with full jacket and soft core or partial jacket or hollow point.
  • Protection class SK4 provides protection against the penetration of long gun ammunition with full jacket and hard core.


Bulletproof vests - only used by the armed forces and police?

The Bundeswehr and the German police have bulletproof vests in their service equipment as standard. But what is the legal situation for private individuals? Can you just order a bullet-resistant vest? The answer: Yes, in Germany everyone is allowed to wear a bulletproof vest, but not at public events, as this violates the Assembly Act.

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