Why was Jon Snow born in Dorne

Meaning of the correct name of Jon Snow

Fans had long suspected that the Game of Thrones R + L = J theory would eventually be confirmed. And in the season seven finale on Sunday, it was finally revealed that Jon Snow's parents were Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark (i.e., R + L).

It had been heavily predicted on the show, but it was thanks to Bran Stark's three-eyed raven powers that we learned of Jon's pedigree. During his training he had visited the scene of Jon's birth and discovered his true parentage. But it wasn't until Samwell met Tarly Bran in the season seven finale that viewers heard the words actually spoken. Bran told Sam that Jon was the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna and asked him to let Jon know.

But even Bran didn't know everything at that moment - he told Sam that Jon's real last name was Sand and believed Jon was born out of wedlock in Dorne. But thanks to Gilly's discovery - that Rhaegar and Lyanna were actually married in a secret ceremony, meaning Jon was a legitimate child of the Targaryen line - all the pieces of the puzzle came together. Bran used his powers to "see" and confirm the wedding.

It was an extremely satisfying revelation. The wedding scene was poignant; Bran notes that because the alleged kidnapping of Lyanna by Rhaegar led Robert Baratheon to wage war against the Targaryens, the relationship has spawned essentially all of the actions we have seen in the Seven Kingdoms since then. However, the war was essentially based on a lie.

Still, one small detail was missing: Jon's real name. In season six, when Bran watches Lyanna give birth to Jon, she tells her brother, a young Ned Stark, the name of the baby. Internet experts had tried to deduce a little from what Lyanna was saying, "His name is [inaudible]. If Robert finds out, he will kill him, you know he will," she said on her deathbed. "You have to protect him. Promise me, Ned." Some dedicated viewers even tried to read and research the name, but came up short; others ended up on the real name months ago.

And so in "The Dragon and the Wolf" we hear Jon's name for the first time: Aegon Targaryen. "He's never been a bastard," notes Bran. "He is the heir to the Iron Throne." But it's not just the surname and his royal legacy that matter. You may have heard the name Aegon before - because it is the name of Jon's older half-brother, who was killed by none other than Ser Gregor Clegane or The Mountain when the Lannisters attacked King's Landing. He was also often mentioned by Oberyn Martell, his uncle, as the reason for the revenge on The Mountain.

There were many Aegon Targaryens in the family line, including the first king from the Targaryen line (who was apparently married to his two sisters, so ... Dany and Jon aren't looking too bad right now). The last Aegon Targaryen was Jon's great grandfather and he was the fifth of his name. That's what Jon Aegon Targaryen VI does.

All in all, it's a huge reveal and raises some fascinating questions for Season 8. We saw Jon and Daenerys finally give in to their mutual attraction. Even though viewers know they are related, they still have no clue themselves.