What does subversion



The adjective subversive means "subversive" and describes activities that aim firstly to overthrow or change the prevailing (state) order and secondly are often carried out in secret. The persons or organizations performing these activities can also be used as subversive are designated.

The word is from the synonymous English subversive borrowed from the Latin subvertere (overturn) derives.


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[ˌZupvɛʁˈziːf]

Usage examples

What makes the band's music particularly interesting is that subversive Messages that can be read again and again between the lines of the summery easily digestible texts.

The plans of the subversive Fortunately, the association was discovered in good time.

Guerrilla gardening is often illegal, at least subversive Cultivation of urban areas - flowers on officially created but forgotten beds, lettuce on traffic islands, butterfly meadows instead of football turf in the city park or cacti on gaps in the pavement.
- Volker Schmidt (2011), Die Netzgärtner, ZEIT online.

Grammar and inflection


subversivemore subversivemost subversive

Strong declination

Masculinemore subversivesubversivesubversivesubversive
Femininesubversivemore subversivemore subversivesubversive
Pluralsubversivemore subversivesubversivesubversive

Weak declination

Masculinethe subversiveof the subversivethe subversivethe subversive
Femininethe subversivethe subversivethe subversivethe subversive
neuterthe subversiveof the subversivethe subversivethe subversive
Pluralthe subversivethe subversivethe subversivethe subversive

Mixed declension

Masculinenot a subversive onenot a subversive onenot a subversivenot subversive
Femininenot subversivenone subversivenone subversivenot a subversive one
neuterno subversivenot a subversive onenot a subversiveno subversive
Pluralno subversivesnone subversivenot subversiveno subversives

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