How are the local police stations organized?

Board structure

The Police prevention work is organized across national borders and located below the "Internal Security" working group (AK II). The current structure was anchored in 1997 with the establishment of a central office, which supports the cooperation of all federal states and the federal government. The federal states and the federal government are jointly implementing the police crime prevention program nationwide.

The Project management for police crime prevention discusses all Questions of principle police crime prevention transnational importance and is responsible for the police crime prevention program.

The Police Crime Prevention Commission provides within the strategic guidelines of the project management the conceptual factual work. To this end, the individual members have each specialized in certain subject areas. The tasks of the commission include the development and implementation of prevention concepts, the technical design of police advisory activities and nationwide public relations. Are in the commission all 16 federal states, the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Federal Police represented with voting rights. As a rule, members are the heads of the central offices for prevention of the state criminal police offices as well as the federal criminal police office and the federal police. As advisory member takes a representative of the German Police College part.

The Central office coordinated the transnational activities of police crime prevention in the group of committees and in cooperation with non-police prevention agencies. you controls the program Police crime prevention and runs the business by project management and commission. In addition, she maintains contact with other police bodies.

One of the central tasks of the committees of police crime prevention is the implementation of Police crime prevention program of the federal states and the federal government. In this way, the population, organizations, media and professional groups who work in a prevention-oriented manner are informed about the manifestations of crime and the possibilities of prevention. This is done, among other things, by issuing Information media and actions taken by the local police forces in their Support prevention work.