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As soon as summer is over, shops beckon with discount signs. A good opportunity to buy children's shoes for next summer - or not.

There it is again, the little sale devil. “Now you could get great bargains! Look, these children's sandals in size 33, they'll fit the youngest next summer! ”It whispers to me, forcing me to look at the pair of beautiful branded shoes. They are reduced from 69 euros to the purchase price. "Do not touch it! Who knows what shoe size the youngest of the coming early summer will have! “, My sale angel warns me. The angel only means well to me. It speaks from years of experience.

Children's feet grow overnight

It is like this: children's feet and legs have downright mysterious growth phases. After months of fitting size 31 shoes, you wake up one morning and the child is standing in the hallway, his face contorted with pain. It points to its feet and says, "Mom, put your shoes on." Today? So buying sandals in the right size in autumn is nonsense. Low shoes in size 32 or 33, then they'll fit at least for a while, that's it!

With fun to learning success - that's how it's done

What doesn't fit doesn't fit

Yes, it would be useful if you already had the right shoes there. It would be best if you had bought them in advance as a bargain in the last sale, right? Sounds totally conclusive, I know. The only problem is that they were dead certain that size 32 would only be due in winter, while low shoes would fit in 31 in autumn. And that is why the really good snowproof, breathable winter boots in size 32 are ready in the basement. I mean, almost nothing could go wrong with the purchase in the past winter sales, when the child was still wearing size 30, and - well, you guessed it, somehow it doesn't work out.

It fits - but the child doesn't like it

She never does. You can see that in the size 140 long trousers carefully hoarded in the cellar. They would have fit the son in the summer. But then he needed shorts of this size. In winter, however, it would be 146. The long-sleeved shirts that the relatives sent us from their son would have fit perfectly in the summer. And when things come together, the children don't like them - for reasons that parents cannot understand, but must be respected.

The solution: give it away!

Sounds stupid? It is. That’s why I refrain from stockpiling shoes and pants. No, dear Sale devil, you won't get me. Because the end of the story is that we give away unworn shoes and new clothes. To friends and acquaintances who believe that the good low shoes and long trousers will suit their offspring in the coming autumn. Beginner!

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