What is the average RV rental

What does it cost to rent a motorhome?

What does it cost to rent a motorhome?

What are the costs if I want to rent a motorhome?

On this page we would like to give you an overview of the costs to be expected if you want to rent a motorhome. We go into the various costs so that there are no nasty surprises with a rental agreement.

As costs, we include rental fees, additional services, final cleaning and insurance. In the case of supposedly cheap offers such as renting a motorhome for 25 euros per day, you should carefully check the details of the rental agreement and question them critically. In our experience, rental prices for a motorhome are normal rental prices between 70 euros and 150 euros per day, depending on size, equipment, condition and rental season.

1. Cost of renting the motorhome

Depending on the season and the landlord, different rental prices are charged per day. In the winter months it is usually much cheaper than during the holiday seasons such as Easter holidays, Whitsun holidays or summer holidays, etc. this time is very large.

The rental price is usually given per day. For longer rental periods such as 14 days or 21 days, many landlords give an additional discount. For example, if you want to rent for 10 days, the rental price is 89 euros per day for 10 days = 10x 89 euros = 890 euros.

Note: For most rental companies, the day of collection and the day of return count together as one rental day.

In addition, most renters of mobile homes and campers charge a so-called handover fee or service fee. This fee includes instruction and handover of the motorhome. The transfer fee is only charged once per rental contract.

2. Cost of insuring the motorhome

How is the motorhome insured and what are the costs?

Our motorhome is fully insured with a deductible of 700 euros. No additional contribution or fee is charged for this insurance, unless an accident or damage occurs during the rental period.

In such a case, the tenant has to pay a deductible of 700 euros, the rest of the damage is covered by the comprehensive insurance. Even in the event of a total loss of the vehicle, the maximum deductible is due.

The deductible is to be deposited or transferred to the landlord as a deposit before departure. After returning or returning the motorhome without damage, the renter will receive this deposit back in full.

3. Fees for extras / accessories such as TV, sat nav, etc.

Many landlords charge for additional devices or accessories such as a TV set, radio, satellite system, a GPS device, camping table with chairs, bike racks, etc. additional fees to be paid per rental day.

Our all-inclusive offer includes all of our accessories free of charge, we charge for this no additional fees.

The following additional services are already included in the rental price!

  • Radio with CD and MP3 player as well as navigation device with maps for Europe
  • LED TV with DVD player
  • Self-aligning SAT TV system Selfsat Sniper II
  • Extension cable and adapter plug
  • Bike rack for up to 4 bikes
  • Fully comprehensive insurance with a deductible of € 700 in the event of a claim
  • Drive-up wedges for an optimal stand
  • Chemistry for the toilet
  • 1 full gas bottle
  • 1 camping table and 4 camping chairs
  • Aluminum warning sign
  • 200 kilometers per rental day
  • Free parking space for your car during the rental period

4. Cost of fuel and tolls

The cost of the fuel (mostly diesel) has to be borne by the tenant. The motorhome will be made available with a full tank on handover. When returning the motorhome, it must be returned with a full tank of fuel.

On average, you can expect about 11-14 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers (depending on driving style and load). 120 liters of diesel fit into the tank so that you have a good range and can reach many destinations with just one tank of fuel.

Depending on the roads or highways, a toll may have to be paid. This is the case on some roads and highways in Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland. (These are just some examples). However, there are no additional charges for the motorhome on “normal” country roads.

5. Costs / fees for final cleaning

The camper or mobile home will be handed over to the tenant in a clean condition. The renter must return the motorhome in this condition when it is returned. If you would like to use our cleaning service, we will charge the following cleaning fees. Interior cleaning: 45 euros, exterior cleaning 40 euros. However, the toilet must be emptied and cleaned by the tenant, even if the interior cleaning is carried out by us.

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