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Sambhaji's capture and execution, the fall of the Maratha capital Raigarh and the flight of Rajaram to the far-off Jinji must have led Aurangjeb and his generals to believe that the Marathas were in their last gasp. Their experience with Bijapur and Golcunda had been just that and automatically collapsed with the capture of the King and the capital of the kingdom. Indeed this had been the experience of Muslim invaders throughout the last few centuries all over the Indian subcontinent. But the kingdom of Shivaji proved an entirely different proposition. Aurangjeb was soon faced with 'People's War' in Deccan. The period from the death of Sambhaji (1689) to the death of Aurangjeb (1707) is called the 'People's War' in which men like Pralhad Niraji, Ramchandra N. Bavdekar, Shankaraji Malhar, Parshuram Trimbak and two millitary generals of outstanding ability Dhanaji Jadhav and Santaji Ghorpade conducted operations against the Mughals and kept the hopes of the nation alive. This book describes in detail The escape of Maratha King Rajaram, his handling of affairs from Jinji, The Seige of Jinji by Zulfiqar Khan and Son of Aurangjeb, Prince Kam Bakhsh, and the heroics of Dhanaji and Santaji during this period of 18 years. The book also records various battles that were bought in Dodderi, Basavapatan, Satara, Panhala and Wakinkera. The book has made has made a humble effort of capturing The Mughal -Maratha contest of 18 critical years.