What is the purpose of a collar

The team from the Fair Kauf department store keeps getting shirts that are broken on the collar but are otherwise still perfectly fine. Put it in the bin? Volunteers can't get that into the bag! That's why they thought about something: The Twistringer Büdel is now available.

Twistringen - The Twistringer Büdel is a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. Each Büdel - in High German a pouch - is sewn from a used shirt. "We suggest that the bags cost three euros," says Sylvia Holste-Hagen from the Fair Kauf team. The proceeds will be donated to a good cause. It is not yet clear where exactly the money will go.

Sylvia Holste-Hagen and Margreth Fischer, who are also active in Fair-Kauf, have sewn 16 bags so far. A good start. However, there are a number of other shirts in stock that are waiting for a second life as a Twistringer Büdel. "We can't sew them all ourselves," says Holste-Hagen. “We would therefore like to give the shirts washed to people who would like to sew.” The volunteer seamstresses are provided with the necessary yarn.

Two features are characteristic of the fabric bags made in Twistringen. On the one hand there is the button placket, which reminds of the original purpose of the fabric. On the other hand, there is a small patch with the inscription "Twistringer Büdel" on each bag.

The Fair Kauf team in Osnabrück picked up the idea of ​​turning shirts into bags. The desire was quickly there to set up a project like this in Twistringen as well. "We always strive for sustainability," explains Sylvia Holste-Hagen. The volunteers have already proven this several times. For example, they passed clothes on to the homeless and conjured up pretty Christmas arrangements from excess pots for senior citizens. Last but not least, the second-hand department store scores with sustainability.

At the moment the department store is not open as usual due to the corona. But if you need something, you can knock on the shop window during regular opening times. As a rule, there are always one or two volunteers on site. Even those who want a Twistringer Büdel can knock. The fabric bags are currently also available from Nückel and Dauelsberg.

Mayor Jens Bley is enthusiastic about the Twistringer Büdel. “It's a small idea that can have a huge impact,” he says. And because he thinks the idea is so great, the Twistringer Büdel will in future also be found in anniversary baskets that the city presents on special occasions.

Especially in times of Corona, the call to participate in the project is a good thing, said Bley. Anyone interested in sewing Twistringer Büdel can contact the Fair Kauf team on 04243/60 22 31. Shops that want to add the bag to their range can also dial this number.