Is that the new iPhone SE

The new iPhone SE should have a camera hole in the enlarged display

The time has come in 2023: If you can believe display analyst Ross Young, a new iPhone SE will come onto the market. A 6.1-inch display is expected instead of a 4.7-inch model. There should be a hole in it through which the camera lens can look. So far, Apple had always placed the camera recess outside the display - since the iPhone X in the notch on the expensive models.

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Some Android smartphones already offer a so-called punch-hole design, while Apple has so far held back despite rumors to the contrary.

Small iPhone SE refresh with a small display

Rumor has it that there will only be a small refresh of the iPhone SE in its current form with the small display in 2022 - a faster processor and a 5G modem, which is now standard, will probably be added. Not installing it would put Apple at a clear competitive disadvantage compared to Android devices. But only the iPhone SE with a large display will be really exciting.

What is the advantage of the hole in the display?

It is more aesthetic reasons that make such a design interesting; the large notch of the iPhone X aroused people's minds because it took away valuable display space and the display was not designed symmetrically. This has remained the case up to the current iPhone 12.

Your opinion is asked

Would you buy an iPhone SE with a 6.1-inch display or would you prefer an iPhone 12? Write your opinion in the comment fields below this message, we are very much looking forward to your reasoning.

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