Which actors and / or musicians write books?

Prominent reading material: books by actors and musicians

"What, did he write a book?" It's hard to believe, but one or two celebrities like to use metaphorical pens. Some of them tell their own life story in autobiographies, others let their imagination run wild and unwind exciting novels or thrillers. You can see who has already proven his literary talent in this list. Here you will find all the books that have been written by actors and musicians. The work of your favorite singer, guitarist or actor is not included yet? Then add it and vote for the best books that actors or musicians have written! We have also selected a few copies for you.

These are our recommendations

  1. Sven Regener

    Mr. Lehmann

    First publication: July 31, 2001
    Current edition: 10/17/2005
    Before Sven Regener discovered his passion for writing, he was the guitarist of the band Element of Crime. With his debut novel "Herr Lehmann" he celebrated a resounding success in 2001 and it was made into a film just two years later. The book concludes a trilogy, the two previous volumes of which were published later, and tells of the uneventful life of Kreuzberg's Lehmann at the time of the fall of the Wall. The book, at which literature pope Marcel Reich-Ranicky "laughed uproariously", also caused enthusiasm among the readers.