How can I boost testosterone at home

These foods lower your testosterone

Testosterone is essential for building muscle. The messenger substance is one of the three most important muscle building hormones and also plays an essential role in the formation of strong bones.

So if your muscles don't grow despite hard and regular exercise, it may be because your testosterone levels are too low.

Testosterone: watch your diet

Now you shouldn't take all the food supplements straight away, but take a closer look at your diet and simply leave out the following foods.

Because, according to the specialist magazine 'Medical News Today', they can be responsible for your body not producing enough testosterone.


Soy-based products such as tofu, edamame or soybeans contain phytoestrogens. These work in a similar way to the female sex hormone estrogen. Too much of it in the body suppresses testosterone. You should avoid soy products, especially after training.

This is the result of a study published in the journal 'German Medical Science'.

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Dairy products

Dairy products contain synthetic and natural hormones. These can negatively affect your testosterone levels.

One of the reasons: Animal feed often contains soy. The cow's high levels of estrogen are reflected in their milk.

Those who frequently consume dairy products are messing up their natural hormonal balance.


Anyone looking to increase their testosterone levels to build muscle faster should consider giving up or at least cutting back on alcohol.

This is especially true for beer, which also contains a lot of phytoestrogens.


Hot mint tea, fruit salad or curries with spearmint as a topping taste good and ensure well-being.

The other side of the coin: according to a study, mint can inhibit testosterone production.

Bread and pastries

Most grains contain gluten. According to a study in the journal 'Nutrients', the natural protein causes an increase in the sex hormone prolactin, which in turn is an antagonist of testosterone and suppresses it in the body.

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According to the study, licorice also affects the hormonal balance and lowers testosterone levels in the body.

Women often turn to the plant to combat hair loss or severe acne. These complaints are attributed, among other things, to the male sex hormone testosterone.

Trans fats

The body cannot use trans fats properly, which can cause a variety of health problems.

Nevertheless, for practical reasons, they are contained in many industrially processed foods and can arise when cooking with vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil.

Not only can they provoke cardiovascular disease, but according to a study - published in the 'Asian Journal of Andrology' - they lower testosterone levels and can even reduce sperm count.

Avoid phytoestrogens

Diet and exercise play an essential role in maintaining your health and especially the hormonal balance in your body.

Some foods can lower testosterone levels and make it harder to build muscle.

However, if you pay attention in the long term to what exactly you are consuming and, above all, avoid phytoestrogens, the testosterone in the body will naturally rise again and automatically lead to muscle mass building and maintenance.

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