How do I get beautiful eyebrows

Do you know these tricks for perfect eyebrows?

1. Pluck or wax eyebrows?

There are several techniques you can use to get your eyebrows in the right shape.

One variant is that pluck eyebrows With this method, protruding hairs are first trimmed with small scissors. Then hairs that do not match the shape of the brow are plucked out with tweezers. Shaping eyebrows with tweezers is easy and precise, but does not remove fine hairs.

With the Waxing method the result will be even cleaner because fine downy hairs are also removed. But eyebrow waxing requires a certain amount of manual dexterity, as you have to work very carefully. Otherwise half an eyebrow is quickly lost. Therefore, this method of eyebrow shaping should be carried out in a beauty salon.

2. Thicken eyebrows - this is how it works

Right now you can see full and bushy eyebrows everywhere. Unfortunately, not every person is naturally blessed with it.

However, there are aids with which eyebrows grow back thicker or more. The eyebrow serum "EYELASH GROWTH BOOSTER" from BeautyLash is currently being particularly hyped. The serum has a natural effect and activates eyelash growth with the natural active ingredient Black Sea Rod Oil.

The serum is not exactly cheap, but ensures that the eyebrows actually become fuller because more hair grows back. Not only our experience but also clinical studies have confirmed: up to 56%. You can get the Eyelash Growth Booster from Bodyzone. The product is free from prostamide, paraben and perfume and has been ophthalmologically tested.

Castor oil is an inexpensive alternative to the eyebrow serum. It ensures that the skin under the brows becomes nice and soft. This makes it easier for hairs to grow back. Castor oil also gives the eyebrows shine, strength and suppleness.

3. Brow swing? Your face shape is crucial

Eyebrows should flatter your own face shape and highlight it in a positive way. For this one must first consider what face shape One has. The three most common face shapes are: the oval face, the round face, and the long face.

  • To a oval face fit thick eyebrows, with one gentle, rather flat swing preferably. Eyebrows that are too thin can make the face look round and should therefore be avoided.
  • So a round face the eyebrows need a narrower look steep swing. You should also do without eyebrows that are too thin. Bushy eyebrows make the face slimmer.
  • At a long face can the eyebrows slightly curved be, but should do not leak for too long. So they visually shorten the face.

The The intensity of the eyebrows should always be in proportion to the size of the eye. Small eyes are therefore more beautifully framed by thinner brows than by very bushy ones.

4. Three tips for the optimal length of your eyebrows

How should one shape the eyebrows? In addition to the curve that the brow receives due to the shape of the face, the length of the brow can also be easily determined.

  1. Simply hold a thin brush from the nostrils on the respective side of the face to the brow. The point at which the brush is pointing marks the Beginning of the brow.
  2. The highest point is displayed when the brush is placed over the center of the pupil from the nose.

  3. The Brow ends at the point where the brush points when you turn it towards the outer corner of your eye.

5. Tricks to style perfect eyebrows

Eyebrow powder is your best friend when it comes to that Eyebrows appear fuller allow. With a brow brush and a powder matching the skin color, small bald spots can be leveled out and the desired eyebrow shape can be intensified.

After the powder one helps Brow spray or a clear mascara to keep the brows in shape. Emphasized eyebrows underline the expressiveness of the eyes and are therefore always part of a complete make - up. A permanent expressiveness can be achieved if Eyebrows colored in the cosmetic studio become.

6. Shape eyebrows with Fab Brows templates

The "Fab Brows". It is a special eyebrow kit with which beautifully curved eyebrows can be drawn within seconds. The daily make-up routine can be significantly simplified. Each set includes Colors in different nuances as well as several different ones Eyebrow stencils - whether curved, straight, thick or narrow eyebrows: everyone will find them ideal template for the desired shape. The paint adheres easily all day, it is also sweatproof, waterproof and smudge-proof. Even sport or a visit to the swimming pool cannot harm the perfectly curved eyebrows. In addition, fab brows impresses with organic ingredients. fab brows sets are available in the Bodyzone.

We recommend using the lighter shade at the beginning. The darker shade of the powder is particularly suitable for the end of the brow - this is how fab brows can be used natural result achieve. In addition, the Color always against the direction of growth and then with the direction of growth be applied. The result is only lightly applied subtle-elegant, a little more powder gives the eyebrows one dramatic look.

7. Tip: Naturalness is the trend

Gone are the days when eyebrows were plucked very thinly. Today, eyebrows are left as natural as possible. Very little is plucked, as only hairs that are not aesthetically pleasing are removed.

When it comes to styling, it's trendy right now Strongly emphasize eyebrowsto give the face special expressiveness.

8. Eyebrows are men's business

Men in particular should take special care of their eyebrows. Too often you see men with sprawling eyebrows that give the face an unkempt touch. Plucking your eyebrows right doesn't take long, but it makes a huge difference to you one's own demeanor.

If you are unsure about plucking your eyebrows as a man, you can just try it in the cosmetic studio. Then you can see immediately whether it fits your own style or not. => Professional eyebrow plucking for men

9. A perfect look from head to toe

Part of a well-groomed styling and look properly shaped eyebrows just do it. As you can see, it is not that difficult to find the right shape and the optimal styling for eyebrows. You just have to take a few basic tips to heart and, if in doubt, contact a competent beauty salon.

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