What is Norway best kept secret

Norway insider tips - nature's hidden gem

Sun, beach, doing nothing. This is what the perfect vacation sounds like to most. But hiking or skiing also offers a sporty change from lying around by the sea. Therefore we have put together a few Norway insider tips for you.

Norway is not the first destination for many as a holiday destination, but this oasis of nature has so much to offer. From fjords to mountains to cities like Oslo and Bergen, Norway is diverse. Hobby photographers and nature lovers in particular will find their new paradise here.

The Geirangerfjord

An impressive game of nature can be found on this fjord. Lush nature, high cliffs and vertically sloping waterfalls frame the fjord majestically. The waterfalls “Seven Sisters”, the “Suitor” and the “Bridal Veil” rush into the clear, blue water, often creating a breathtaking play of colors in rainbow colors. This area can proudly see itself on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, among other things it is about to be named as one of the sustainable travel destinations. An absolute Norway insider tip.

The Trollstigen is a must for every mountaineer. This mountain road leads lively hikers past waterfalls and mountain slopes, which give the whole way an adventurous touch.


The seven mountains around the city center, which gave Bergen their name, offer a beautiful view of the city. The second largest city in Norway is impressive despite its size due to its small town center. The residents of the city keep the city's charm going with their traditions. The city is also kept young by students, who make up ten percent of the population in Bergen.

One of Norway's largest annual cultural events also takes place in Bergen: Bergen International Festival. Where everything is there, from music and theater to debates.

The Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten, which are defined as a sustainable travel destination, consist of pure nature. Outstretched like an arm reaching into open water, these islands lie in the waters of the European North Sea, above the Arctic Circle. Friends of nature are specially called upon again here, because you will talk about the memories of the Lofoten for a long time. From mid-September to April, the northern lights enchant you with their impressive spectacle, of which you can take unforgettable photos.

The Winkingermuseum on the islands tells their unique story and brings the visitor closer to what is happening. The museum is located in a longhouse from the Viking Age discovered by archaeologists. At 83 meters, it is the largest longhouse that has been discovered so far.

The North Cape

Another item on the list of Norway insider tips is the North Cape. Which is located high up in the western Finnmarke in northern Norway. In the period from mid-May to the end of July, the sun no longer sets here. It is a nice sight to just watch the midday sun over the Barents Sea. For visitors to Norway who are interested in birds, the bird rock at Gjesværstappan is a spectacular destination. Because this is what thousands of gannets, puffins and cormorants call their home.

Another highlight in the otherwise somewhat barren area around the North Cape are the many small but very colorful fishing villages. These are definitely worth a look. Here you can watch how delicious king crabs are prepared - and then try them right away.


The European Green Capital 2019 is how Norway’s capital Oslo was named by Lonley Planet this year. This city in the middle of nature really has a lot to offer. From its ski areas in winter to the historically charged old town, Oslo is very diverse.

The city is not only known for its culinary diversity, but also for its local music scene. Maaemo is Oslo's most famous restaurant. With its 3 Michelin stars, the guest can also expect something from the food. But Oslo can also offer nature, bike paths, the fashion and art scene and modern architecture. Life vibrates through this modern and constantly growing city, which also harbors such fascinating landmarks as its opera house.


Tromsø is the perfect place to watch the legendary Northern Lights. This modern city on the Arctic Ocean has so many secrets to offer. This beautiful city is particularly popular with its international film festival and the Northern Lights Festival. These unique events magically attract visitors from all over the world.

Tromsø is considered Norway's largest city, but the mountains and fjords are so close that you can see them from the city center. The city is known for its lively charm, which is mainly due to the active nightlife and the culinary restaurant scene.

Extremely popular activities in this natural phenomenon are fishing, hiking, whale safaris, and a particularly popular tourist event: dog sledding.

All in all, Norway is a country that is quickly underestimated, but holds incredible natural treasures. For nature fans and activity-loving people, these Norway insider tips are certainly worth striving for.

Image by Manolo Franco via Pixabay

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