Can saffron kill you

With saffron, the dose is decisive

Anyone who has not yet had any experience with saffron is often surprised at first that the quantities given in recipes are so small. There is talk of 0.1 or 0.2 grams, occasionally the point of a knife. Does the relatively high saffron price play a role here? Or is so little really enough? Just doubling down won't be that bad, right?

Stop! D rather not! That's all Right. Saffron really has a very intense color. In addition, its fine piquant, slightly bitter aroma would be destroyed by overdosing. Instead of its wonderfully aromatic taste nuance, saffron tastes unpleasantly bitter in too large quantities and would spoil a lovingly prepared dish in no time.

That is not all. Saffron consumed in excess at once can even be harmful to health. While intoxication, vomiting or internal bleeding can occur at 5 grams, 10 grams is considered a lethal dose. A secret culinary poisoning is fortunately impossible because such over-spicy dishes are inedible. Even the term "laughing death" should not lead to anything good: after the initial strong laughing stimulus, hallucinations soon follow, accompanied by palpitations and dizziness, until the end occurs due to paralysis of the central nervous system.

Why a text like this appears on the homepage of a saffron trader is by no means counterproductive. The numerous positive properties of the valuable saffron unfold best in the lower doses as mentioned in the recipes and then have an extremely beneficial effect on health. After all, it should continue to taste - over a whole, long life.

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